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Not all vegans were created equal. Or maybe I should really say that not all vegans arrive at veganism or the vegan and vegetarian animal-free lifestyles of eating only food prepared from vegan recipes or consuming organic produce  for the very same reasons.  Furthermore, not all vegans have the same levels of commitment toward plant-based ways of life.

To thoroughly address all of these issues related to veganism and many others, I have decided to build and maintain this Vegan site which I intend to ensure that it’s the best vegan blog on the Internet.  And I will do that by providing you with:

  • Most up-to-date information.
  • Research data and study findings.
  • Best healthy fatfree or low fat and raw vegan recipes which are perfect for baking and cooking entrees, desserts, etc.

Through the four plus decades of being vegan myself, I have met many other vegans (young and old, male and female) who have come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Purely out of curiosity, I would inevitably ask most of them the same question, “Why did you decide to become vegan?” And their answers were as diversely varied as their personalities:

  • “I stopped eating meat when I witnessed my mother snap the head off my favorite chicken’s neck and then proceed to pluck its feathers in preparation of that evening’s dinner. I guess at that point I was just a vegetarian because I continued to eat the eggs that came from our chicken coop and drank the milk provided by the two cows grazing in the field behind our country home. Then I realized that the eggs and the milk really belong to the chickens and cows, not to people and I gave them up to become vegan.”

This person follows the vegan cuisine rather strictly but rationalizes wearing leather, wool and silk by claiming that the animals from which these were taken are either not killed or are already dead for other reasons. Animal testing in laboratories and animal-based products in cosmetics, medicines, etc. don’t disturb her consciousness.

  • “I became vegan because I have always struggled with weight. As I grew older, my obesity led to heart disease and diabetes. My doctor suggested that I stop eating all animal byproducts and sure enough, my weight dropped and my other health conditions disappeared.”

This individual is only committed to the vegan diet for the health benefits it provides but not to any other facet of veganism.

  • “I read an article about how commercial farming harms the environment which also harms wildlife, domesticated animals and people. This convinced me to live an animal-free lifestyle.”

This individual seems to be fully committed to the entire spectrum of dos and don’ts of the vegan lifestyle.

  • “I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer about four years ago and the prognosis was very bad as doctors were giving me only six months to live. I did not want to die and so I decided to try my luck with an alternative medicine practitioner who recommended that I stop eating all animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy and eggs. I did that and two years later I was cancer free.”

This rather young woman has chosen to become vegan in order to save her own life. Success has convinced her that veganism is right for her and she’s now just about fully committed.

  • “I was a child when I heard about how cruel labs treat the animals on which they do testing and decided to do all that I can to stop it. I am a vegan today because I don’t want to see any harm done to other creatures.”

This came from a young man who leads a vegan lifestyle and promotes it with passion and zest.

  • “I love animals and that is why I will not eat them or wear them or anything else.”

This statement was made by a middle aged woman who started out by loving her household pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) but then realized that other animals also deserve her care and attention.

  • “My brothers and I were born into a vegan household and were brought up with its principles of consuming nothing that derives from animals. I and the others cannot imagine living our lives any other way.”This is an entire family that is 100% committed to veganism and all its principles.

I could go on and on to give you countless more of such examples but I think that you get the point now. People become vegans for different reason but those, in my opinion, are not nearly as important as the fact that they are vegans who lead lifestyles of peace and harmony with all living beings as well as the environment.

You might rightfully wonder what brought me to veganism and I will be happy to tell you but first I want to assure you that I am not judging those who are only partially committed to veganism. After all, saving a few animals or preserving a small aspect of the environment is better than not at all. As for me, I truly believe that I was meant to be vegan from birth. Of course, as a very young child I did not have the vocabulary to express my feelings about animals and the harm they have to potentially endure at the hands of so many people. However, I remember crying when my mother would swat at a fly, my father stomp on a cockroach or either one of them douse an anthill with some strong smelling stuff that would make the ants frantically scamper in every direction.

As I grew older I refused eating the non-vegan meals my mother would serve but sadly, this lead to heated arguments because to my parents, eating no meat, dairy or eggs was akin to attempted starvation. Leaving home at sixteen seemed to be the only solution and that is exactly what I did shortly after reading a variety of articles which explained what is vegan, why be vegan and how to be vegan. More that absorbing valuable information, these texts also helped me realize what I have been striving for all my life — veganism.

Being on my own was not easy at such a very young age but it allowed me to fully grow into the lifestyle of my choice. I started studying the subject in more depth while also amassing an impressing collection of vegan recipes as well as vegetarian recipes because I have come to realize that veganism actually falls under the wider umbrella or vegetarianism.

I don’t relish the thought of cubbyholing people or applying to them labels but I do classify myself as a vegetarian vegan or simply a vegan who is always on the lookout for animal welfare and the preservation of planet earth.

For more information about the vegan lifestyle, veganism and/or vegetarianism, I encourage you to visit the following websites:

  • The Vegan Society is the world’s first vegan organization that was established by Donald Watson in 1944 and its main function is to promote the vegan lifestyle.
  • The American Vegan Society which had been founded by Jay Dinshah in 1960. Through this organization Dinshah annually organizes the World Vegan Day.
  • The Vegan Action (a.k.a. Vegan Awareness Foundation) is an organization whose purpose is to protect animals and help the global environment as well as to further the health and wellbeing of human.
  • The Vegan Outreach (previously known as the Animal Liberation Action) is a grassroots animal advocacy program that is based in the United States and was founded by Matt Ball and Jack Norris. -

The following are some of my favorite vegan blogs published by other passionate vegan bloggers.  Feel free to visit them as well but please comeback to my Vegan site often because I continually add more and more vegan related stuff.

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