First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my Vegan Blogger website, but more than that, I would like to express my wholehearted appreciation that you are taking an obvious interest in veganism.  Whether you are a new comer to this lifestyle, a wannabe or a seasoned veteran of passion and compassion toward all living beings and the environment which we all share, is not nearly as important as the fact that you truly care and do something about it.

Hi, my name is Hanna Golan (a.k.a. Hanna Getty) and I welcome you on board this site for as long as you care to stay. Please make yourself at home while I proceed to tell you a little more about who I am and what I do. In return I ask that you write me a message in which you could tell me about your personal experience, good or bad, with the plant-based way of life. Furthermore, please feel free to browse around and if you find that I have failed to answer any or all of your questions, do not hesitate to ask or simply submit your thoughts and feelings about this or any other subject.

It may sound utterly incredible and perhaps even somewhat absurd, but I truly believe that
I was born to be vegan. Unfortunately, I was not able to fulfill my calling until I became completely autonomous in my mid-teens, at which point I moved away from under my parents’ roof. I loved my mom and dad dearly and had no doubt that their intentions were pure, but they simply could not live with the idea of their only surviving child deliberately denying herself of “good healthy food.”
At the ripe old age of 16, I found myself free to dive into the deep waters of veganism. At that long-ago time, I no longer had to deal with parental resistance but my youth and lack of support made the transmission harder than it should have or could have been. Fortunately, I had fortified myself throughout prior years by studying the subject as thoroughly as I could. Thus, with plenty of knowledge and a great deal of resolve I stubbornly persevered.

Attending a rather conservative high school, I graduated as a vegan eccentric and advanced to a large enough college where, for the first time in my life, I began rubbing elbows with likeminded individuals. That fact that there were other vegans in such close proximity was a huge and welcoming revelation.

Moving forward four plus decades, I am now a well-practiced, highly experienced vegan who cannot imagine leading any other kind of a life — a life in which I live in peace and harmony with all creatures while treading lightly on this planet which we all call home. Although I wish everyone would convert to veganism, I do not judge those who choose otherwise because “live and let live” has always been my motto.

I also do not preach or proselytize. However, I am always happy to air my opinions when prompted and to answer any questions that arise. As a matter of fact, I have penned and published a booked titled, Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle: A Journey into Veganism.

Yes, veganism is my mission and the vegan lifestyle is my natural inclination.  Having said that, you should not be surprised to learn that I have also just recently published a book about the world’s most magnificent flowering plants and its title is:  Orchid Care: Caring for Orchids Indoors & Out.  Please check it out and its correlating website: Orchid

Some of my other published vegan related books can be found on my Hanna Getty page.  Please have a look at them, as well.

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