An animal-free vegan lifestyle is one that is life promoting and healthy. That is not too extreme a claim because it contributes to the health of the person who adopts a vegan lifestyle diet as well as reducing the exploitation and deaths of animals.

Among the vegan lifestyle benefits many people experience are a reduction in blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, better control of blood sugar levels, and a clear conscience about one’s relationship with the animal world. Generally, weight loss is a result of eating animal free foods for those who need to lose weight. This vegan lifestyle supports health unless someone chooses a vegan lifestyle unhealthy.

Unfortunately, not every vegan or vegetarian eats in a balanced and smart way, but they can learn to do so. One great tip is to focus on the raw and the natural. Eschew the processed as much as possible. If a food contains a chemical that is hard to pronounce and unfamiliar, it is probably something one would be better off not consuming.

To support a vegan lifestyle, one can a consult a vegan lifestyle blog, meet with a vegan lifestyle coach, and read resources such as vegan lifestyle books. A vegan lifestyle magazine may be helpful for those who want to learn how to achieve a vegan lifestyle weight loss. Such tools can help people garner information about vegan lifestyle pros and cons.

Among the cons of this lifestyle are the sometimes sarcastic comments of friends and family. Usually these abate as it becomes clear that the new vegan will not become defensive. Another con can be adopting this lifestyle as an evangelical ministry in which one sneers at the way other people eat. Contempt and condescension are not wholesome attitudes.

Some of the many pros of living this way involve feeling well physically and relieved of some concerns about one’s health. Other results include a sense of contribution to animal welfare and ecology because the factory farming and production of animal foods are quite destructive to the environment. People who undertake the study of the environmental impact of animal food products often decide to eat in a vegan manner.

From some traditional African traditional dishes from countries like Ghana to recipes written in Hebrew, vegan food can be low in fat and still be delicious. China also has many ways of preparing animal free and tasty food. Finding wonderful international vegan recipes is one of the many benefits of eating and living in this style of diet.

As one who is a longtime vegan, I like the term lifestyle because I see veganism as a whole way of life. That it is a diet is merely a part of it. For many vegans, what we eat matters, but so does what clothes and shoes we wear. It is not only about health and animal welfare, but it is also a commitment to the environment that keeps many of us living in this way.

An animal-free vegan lifestyle can be a life affirming change. Paul McCartney has long been one who speaks up for this way of eating. He can be seen on YouTube promoting this way of life. Ellen DeGeneres and former President Bill Clinton are among the celebrities and political figures who also are discussing the value they find in this lifestyle.

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