Animal rescue shelters are critical to the survival of many abandoned, abused, or neglected animals. The goal of each shelter is to arrange an adoption for each animal. The residents of shelters each have a story that rescue groups like to present in video online, in a PSA, and on YouTube as a way to invite people to adopt a pet cat or dog.

This amazing work is done by animal rescue shelters in Cincinnati, animal rescue shelters Orlando FL, and animal rescue shelters Los Angeles. Those are just a few of the cities where this work goes on. The needs of animals are also very great in rural areas where, unfortunately, there may be fewer resources.

Considered by state, animal rescue shelters MN, animal rescue shelters in Michigan, animal rescue shelters in Arizona, animal rescue shelters in NJ, and animal rescue shelters in NH are all important contributors to animal welfare in their areas. People can also search by city to find local shelter resources. Often these are small operations by a few individuals who are highly motivated. They desperately need help for their cause. Just a brief clip on YouTube could bring in lots of donations and potential pet owners.

Vegans and others who love animals can make a donation, support a fundraiser, and can share their enthusiasm for the work by paying tribute online and through social media. It is wonderful to publicize the rescue of a blind dog named Fiona by Eldad Hagar. Not only was this dog saved, but her sight was regained at the Guthrie Animal Shelter. Then she was adopted. Not only can Fiona see, but she now has a forever home. Vegans and others can spread the word of the fine work animal rescue folks do. We can help inspire others to engage in these efforts.

Vegans are motivated to help animals whether they moo, bark, or meow. We are easily drawn to be in league with rescue organizations wherever they are. We may live in Atlanta, Memphis, or a small town. It is not new for vegans to care about animal welfare, but there is always more that we can do.

As a longtime vegan, I have felt that the way I eat and what I clothe and shod myself with are expressions of my caring for animals. I also have given to rescue groups, but I recognize that we can all do more. Whether you are vegan or not, please consider how much animals suffer in this world. I hope all of us will commit to doing more to help animals. In my view, factory farms are primary sites of animal abuse.

Part of what volunteers can do to help out at animal shelters is to walk dogs, help clean up crates and cages, chat with visitors and help them to find the right animal to adopt. Even though one may already contribute financially, one can also share the resources of one’s time and talent. Saving animals is such a worthy project for vegans to support.

Animal rescue shelters are extremely valuable places for the welfare of animals. Not only do they help animals to find homes, but they also assist financially distressed owners in getting veterinary care for their pets. How we treat animals says so much about our culture. We need to improve.

Animal rescue shelters are essential as long as there are needy animals to be taken care of. For more information about such shelters and many other vegan topics, please read my Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle – A Journey Into Veganism eBook which can be found at Also at the Amazon site, you might want to take a look at my most recent book, Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss: The Daily Diet, Cleanse & Green Smoothie Detox Book or simply learn more about me through my Hanna Getty Amazon author page.

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