Animal rescue & vegan ideals really do go together. So it is not surprising that many vegans care about protecting animals. Both by contributing money and volunteering, vegans are among the most committed animal welfare advocates.

Look at any animal rescue site. It is very likely that you will find that vegans are involved. The work of an animal rescue league is to provide shelter and food for abandoned or otherwise homeless animals. Often these organizations respond to emergency situations such as natural disasters in which pets become separated from owners who may even have lost their homes.

This certainly happened after Katrina. Animal Rescue New Orleans was very busy. Imagine how much animals suffered after the most recent devastating earthquake in Japan. Tsunamis also have disrupted animal life in many places and have necessitated amazing animal rescues. In circumstances in which people clearly are suffering badly, the needs of animals can be forgotten. Animal rescue groups play a very important role in such circumstances.

California has also experienced many earthquakes that have affected animals. From Bangkok to just about any place in the world, things happen so that a dog, cat, or some other animal may be caught in dire circumstances. It might just be a puppy separated from home or the largest of farm animals tossed around by a hurricane.

Those who commit to an animal rescue corps in the northeast may lend support to needy animals at Animal Rescue League of Boston or the Animal Rescue League of NH, meaning New Hampshire. Toward the middle of the country, Animal Rescue of the Rockies and Animal Rescue League of Iowa also serve important functions. Further south, there is Animal Rescue Maryland.

In various locations, the Animal Rescue Foundation is a nonprofit that also rescues and gives shelter. Most rescue organizations have found two critical tools in helping animals. They need a story and a picture of each animal to go on their websites in order to attract potential new owners for the animals they have saved.

All over the world, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) assists locals in saving animals. Vegans like to join in league with such animal rescue groups. We are motivated to help animals. Most of the time, no matter how strong our efforts, much of the outcome feels light compared to the heaviness of the needs.

We need not go far away to find animals needing our help. If we could nip animal abuse in the bud, what a difference that would make! In our own downtown and suburban areas and in our factory farms, animals are suffering.

Most vegans feel a real urgency to protect animals. It would please most of us very much if we could persuade everyone to care for the other species in the way we do. The needs of animals in this world are daunting.

Animal rescue & vegan ideals are a team. It is natural that vegans want to help creatures that they care so much about. Because we don’t want to consume them or even wear something made from their bodies, we are devoted to protecting them and the planet. We are convinced that our survival as a species depends upon the way we treat all our natural resources, all of our biotic world.

A big component of veganism is rescuing animals but plant-based food diets are equally significant. For more information about the Vegan Diet, please go to Hanna Getty’s page where you will find her latest books: Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle – A Journey Into Veganism and Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss: The Daily Diet, Cleanse & Green Smoothie Detox Book. Both of these are available for downloading directly to your Kindle, iPad or PC.


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