Best Vegan Lifestyle Book: The 5 Star Amazon Review, that is the kind of feedback that Ms. Hanna Getty is getting on her publication that is entitled, Vegan Diet and Animal-Free Lifestyle. Imparting the wisdom garnered from more than forty years of vegan living, Ms. Getty was drawn to this way of life long before any claim could be made that this is a novelty or a fad. She manages to impart deep philosophical, spiritual, and health information in a highly readable manner.

Clearly, for Hanna, this writing is a further commitment to her vegan way of life, but that is much more than simply eschewing the consumption of us of animal products. She integrates well her profound allegiance to this way of life with scientific support for its beneficial effects on the practitioner as well as the environment and its animal life. Anyone with profound health concerns may want to read this book for a glimpse at an alternative way of life that may promise better health.

Tracing the history of vegetarianism and, eventually, veganism, Hanna makes a strong case for her understanding of people as naturally herbivorous. Her approach to this deeply serious topic has a charming lightness to it. She has not made this into a cookbook, but she includes some recipes that are interesting and rather tempting. It would seem a fit way to help the curious see how vegans can eat and be happy. Ms. Getty certainly seems exhilarated and delighted with her way of life.

This is an excellent introductory work for those who want to know more about veganism, but it is also capable of reinforcing the resolve of those who are already eating this way. Hanna will likely inspire other people to explore this healthful way of eating. Many may choose to do so for health reasons such as losing weight and combating issues of high blood pressure and elevated blood glucose, but reading this work may also stimulate many to a greater consciousness about the impact on the planet and its animal life because of the way people live and eat.

There are many vegan books these days, but Hanna’s writing reflects something unique. Because she is a trailblazer in vegan living, Hanna has great credibility and vast knowledge. Despite her deep allegiance to the cruelty-free, plant-based life style that some label veganism, she is adept at explaining diverse approaches to various degrees of vegetarian, meat-free living. It is refreshing to read the work of someone with so much experience and commitment. Nonetheless, she is able to avoid being an ideologue so that she is able to keep the information both accessible and entertaining for the reader.

If you have any curiosity about veganism or have some interest in improving your diet and your health, do explore Vegan Diet and Animal-Free Lifestyle which is widely regarded as the Best Vegan Lifestyle Book: The 5 Star Amazon Review. Even if you decide against adopting a completely plant-based life style, this book will raise your consciousness about food, health, the environment, and the fate of animals in the industrialized world.

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