The best vegan restaurants around the country comprise a subject I feared I would never get to write about. I’m so delighted that there are vegan restaurants popping up in most cities and that some are truly creative and very interesting. This ease of finding great vegan food was what I have longed for. It is slowly becoming a reality.

In 2012, one can do an online search for vegan restaurants Los Angeles, vegan restaurants NYC, vegan restaurants Chicago, and vegan restaurants San Francisco. One can do this and strike gold, finding some of the very best places to eat.

Los Angeles has the Madeleine Bistro that is actually located in Tarzana, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley. The brunch and dinner menus tend to be elaborate, and their seitan is especially tasty. Los Angeles also has a main core to the city that boasts lots of suitable places for vegans to eat.

The Candle Café in New York City has two locations. Not only does it offer organic vegan food fresh from the farm but it even has a separate menu of gluten-free choices. Manhattan enjoys a variety of suitable ethnic and vegetarian, if not expressly vegan restaurants to explore. Fortunately, there are many veggie choices that are suitable for vegans.

Chicago is a city that never disappoints food lovers. The Green Zebra has innovative, intriguing dishes that can please any vegan. One does need to take care as some dishes are vegetarian rather than vegan.

The Millennium in San Francisco is a vegetarian restaurant with many options for vegans to enjoy. It emphasizes sustainability, freshness, and concern for the environment as well as the palette. Certainly many locations in the West never lack an interest in having a green kitchen. Innovators in the region have long seemed to be a center for healthy food and fine dining.

In other parts of the West Coast, one can easily expect to locate good vegan cuisine by seeking out vegan restaurants San Diego, vegan restaurants Seattle, and vegan restaurants Portland. Vancouver also has its share of vegan and vegan vegetarian restaurants. The city has lots of varied and marvelous ethnic food. One can enjoy the diet of Manila, Thai food, or even soul food without having to consume animal products.

Atlanta has several great vegan places to eat some of its best food. There are even fast places to eat. Call it Atl. or Hotlanta, Atlanta is not behind in having a variety of natural, organic, and raw food.

I look forward to the time when I won’t need to do a search to find vegan restaurants Boston or vegan restaurants DC. I hope that there will be an end to the vegan diet’s being so exceptional or unusual. I trust it will become rather a standard diet in a generation or two.

The best vegan restaurants around the country seem to share a profile. They tend to make it hard to pin down an exact menu in advance because they focus on using what is in season and as fresh as possible. Even non-vegans may want to explore these healthy vegan food establishments.

Some people think that the vegan lifestyle is limited and restrictive but I beg to differ. Just like anyone else we love going out to the great vegan restaurants which are easily reached in just about any U.S. town. Look around at this Vegan site and you will soon discover just how rich veganism can really be.

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