Can vegans eat bread is a question that I have been asked many times over throughout the years. Surprisingly enough that question was not only asked by non-vegans who are merely curious but also by those who have newly entered the sphere of ethical veganism and wish to learn as much as possible. Therefore, I decided that it is high time to write a whole blog post (article) about vegan diet choices that specifically refer to bread.

Can Vegans Eat BreadSo, can vegans eat bread?

The quick and simple answer is yes, vegans can eat bread. However, vegans will not eat just any kind of bread off their supermarket shelves because not all breads are vegan friendly. So, the next question that begs to be asked is; what kind of bread can vegans eat?

What kind of bread can vegans eat?

The following are factors or considerations that will determine whether a particular bread is vegan friendly or not:

1. Ethical considerations. Vegan bread cannot contain or include any animal products or byproducts in their list of ingredients because those would have derived from cruel and greedy industries that exploit, abused and slaughter animals. That means no eggs, no dairy (milk, buttermilk, yogurt, butter) or whey, no honey and no processed cane sugar because that is often filtered through bone char.

Some other ethical considerations in choosing which bread to eat as a vegan include those that are not quite as obvious or direct as those described above. For instance, palm oil and/or palm shortening are often included in baked products such as bread. Although palm products in and of themselves are vegan, the process of growing and harvesting them involves the destruction of animal habitats (orangutans and others) which often also leads to killing of innocent animals. Most if not all vegans will not touch these kinds of products when they are included in breads or anywhere else.

2. Health considerations. Many vegans prefer eating more natural whole foods and they, therefore, refrain from eating processed grains. That means that they will only consume whole grains and for them, vegan friendly bread must meet the requirements of ethical considerations but they must also consist of whole wheat or some other whole grains.

Furthermore, everyone knows or just about everyone knows that fats derived from plants (vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts or seeds) are by far healthier than those derived from animal products but many vegans still believe that consuming fats of any kind is unnecessary as well as unhealthy. So, they refrain from including any kind of oils (olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) in their vegan diets. These vegans will only eat bread that meets the ethical considerations plus the health considerations of whole grains and no fats.

3. Raw diet considerations. Many vegan subsist only on raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) because they believe that it is what nature intended for them to eat and that, certainly is very logical. In case you are wondering, the raw diet only includes foods that have not been cooked, baked, boiled, broiled, barbequed, grilled, fried, etc. Since all breads (even those that meet the ethical and health considerations) are not raw foods because they have been baked, vegans that eat only raw will avoid eating bread of any kind.

Thus the answer to that question, can vegans eat bread, entirely depends on the above mentioned factors.

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