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No Kill Shelters

With animals still being caged, the setup of no-kill shelters is quite similar to that of the regular shelters. However, while regular shelters kill animals who do not get adopted within a set period of time, no-kill shelters never kill them.

Humane Societies of America

Where there are animals in need, that is a great need for humane societies such as the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) which is a national agency and many others.

Humane Animal Rescue

As vegans who are compassionate about the welfare of animals, humane animal rescue organizations are at the top of their list of humanitarian institutes that help living beings of all species who are in distress or in need of food and shelter.

Animal Rescue Shelters

With the hope to ultimately adopt animals out to individuals households where they will be housed and loved for the rest of their lives, animal rescue shelters are just temporary housing facilities to otherwise homeless pets.

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