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What is Vegan All About?

I could write many volumes about what is vegan all about but I will suffice in providing the following brief definition: A vegan is one who refrains from consuming any products that were derived directly or indirectly from any sentient beings, a.k.a. animals of all kinds. In other words, a vegan does not eat meat,…

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The Vegan Do No Harm Ethics

Cause no harm to any living beings is what veganism and its ethics is all about.

Animal-Free Vegan Lifestyle

An animal-free vegan lifestyle is certainly about a healthy diet of plant-based foods but it’s also about animal rights and preservation of the environment.

Vegan Vegetarian

Vegan vegetarian may sound to some as a contradiction of terms but it really is not. In fact, those who live a vegan lifestyle are often referred to as vegan vegetarians.

Vegan Dos and Don’ts – Tips About Veganism

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Veganism as a rather restrictive lifestyle which comes with its own set of dos and don’t about foods to eat, clothing to wear, cosmetics to use, medicines to ingests, etc.

How to Become Vegan

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Becoming vegan involves avoiding animal-based products from the food one eats, medicines one takes as well as from the fabrics, jewelry etc. one uses.