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Who or What Are Vegans

“Who or what are vegans” sounds like a question asked by someone who doesn’t even realize that vegans are just people who choose to eat in a very deliberate manner. By being vegan, they show they are both conscious and conscientious about the impact of their diet on animals, ecology, and their own personal health….

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Is It Vegan?

If you are vegan and you have an iPhone, Is It Vegan is an application that will most definitely be useful time and time again as it will help you determine what’s vegan and what is not.

How to Be a Vegan on a Budget

Living the vegan lifestyle or eating plant-based foods and wearing cruelty-free products does not have to be terribly expensive. As a matter of fact, it can all be accomplished rather cheaply.

Animal Rescue & Vegan Ideals

Rescuing animals is an intricate part of the cruelty-free, compassionate lifestyle of vegans. That is because vegans believe that all animals deserve to live out their natural lives happy and free.

Vegan Green Pest Control Products

There are effective ways of getting rid of household and yard bugs such as termites, ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, etc. and it can all be done the safe way with vegan green pest control products.

Vegan Principles Regarding Global Environment

Vegan 11

Going green, reducing emission of gases and caring for planet earth is a significant part of the vegan movement and principles of veganism.

Vegan Ethics Regarding Animals & Global Environment

Vegan 10

Ethics about animals and their welfare is deeply engrained in the vegan conscienceless and it is one of the most significant principles in veganism.