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What Can a Vegan Eat

The question “what can a vegan eat” always brings a smile to my face. No, it’s not because I am ridiculing the person who is asking but rather because he or she is asking for reasons that please me to no end. So, what could possibly be the reasons that anyone might be asking, “what…

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Healthy Vegan Diet – Fun Facts About Bananas

Bananas should be included as part of a healthy vegan diet but let us now have some fun at their expense. I will venture to say that most people are familiar with the tropical fruits known as bananas and most of them like the flavor, aroma and texture of bananas. I will also venture to…

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Weight Loss Vegan Diet

Weight loss vegan diet is something many individuals are thinking about undertaking. They want to know the average weight loss vegan diet provides because a quick weight loss vegan diet would always be their preference. Many people want a rapid weight loss vegan diet and not just any old weight loss vegan diet that’s too…

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What Is a Vegan Meal

What is a vegan meal depends a lot on what is a vegan and/or a vegan diet, at least in the mind of the person asking the question. What is a vegan diet can vary with the goals and understanding of the individuals involved. Thus, most people consider that a vegan diet is one that…

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Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

What in the World is Wheat Germ? The kernel of every whole cereal grain, including wheat, consists of the following three parts: bran, endosperm and germ. – Bran is the tough protective outermost layer of the whole grain or the husk and it is the part which provides the dietary fiber. Unfortunately, unless you use…

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The Main Principles on Which Veganism and the Vegan Lifestyle are Based Do you know what veganism stands for? Do you understand what the vegan lifestyle is all about? With so much wonderful information out there and with the easy access to it, the vast majority of people around the world still do not know…

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What Is a Vegan Diet

The answer to what is a vegan diet is as multifaceted as you might expect but this article handles it quite effectively and presents its arguments from several view points.

Fun Facts About Apples

Most people around the world are familiar with apples as they seem to be among the most popular fruits but there are fun facts which are not so very well known and this article will reveal them.

Vegan Diet Foods

Based on fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains, vegan diet have been proven to be healthy and delicious at the same time.

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