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The Vegan Diet Plan

It seems that more and more people from all walks of life are embracing the vegan diet plan because they have come to understand how healthy it is for their own bodies as well as animals and the global environment.

Quick & Easy Guide to a Vegan Meal for the Family

Well prepared vegan meals are not only mouthwatering good but they are also healthy. Furthermore, vegan meals can be very easy to prepare and they do not need to be expensive, either.

The Vegan Diet Plan for Prevention of Chronic Disease

The vegan diet provides incredibly beneficial health benefits which have been, time and time again, substantiated by scientific testing and comprehensive research as well as by individuals who have adopted it.

Best Vegan Cookbook Reviews

Providing honest and straightforward vegan cookbook reviews is tremendously helpful to those who want to choose the cookbook that will be most useful to them. After all, there are ever so many vegan cookbooks to choose from but not all are worth the money.

Make Delicious Vegan Soup Stock & Hearty Stews

Vegan soups and/or are not only easy to make and healthy to eat but they are also inexpensive and lip smacking good.

Homemade Vegan Dishes for Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner Parties

Preparing homemade vegan foods for myself, my family and friends is quick, easy and ever so enjoyable. Besides, it’s my way of showing that I care.

About Hanna Getty (Golan)

Vegan 30

Hanna Getty has been a staunch vegan for over 40 years and has recently written, “Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle: A Journey into Veganism.”

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