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Health and Nutritional Benefits of Grapes

Do you love grapes as much as most people do? But then, why wouldn’t you? After all, they are deliciously juicy, they are easy to pop into your mouth and they are fun to eat! Which types of grapes are your favorites?   Grapes are actually oval shaped berries that have thin smooth skins coating…

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According to Dr. Neal Barnard, the plant-based vegan prevents, cures and reverses disease! Can that possibly be true? Do fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and beans really have that kind of power?  Our lifestyles and our diets may be drastically different as some of us are vegans while others are vegetarians or meat-eaters. But we all share…

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Selenium – Nature’s Hidden Superstar

Found abundantly in soil and therefore also in many plant-based foods, selenium is an essential trace element that your body needs for optimal health.

Vegan Foods that Heal Kidney Disease

Antioxidants have the power to fight off harmful free radicals that lead to a variety of health issues, especially kidney disease and plant-based vegan foods are rich in those wonderful substances.

Health Benefits to Vegan Foods with a Plant-Based Diet

Although most individuals just like fruits and veggies for their flavor, they are actually super foods that have the power to prevent and cure diseases.

Vegan Diet Helps Diabetes

Studies show that the plant-based vegan diet significantly helps diabetics by losing weight, reducing cholesterol and improving blood sugar counts.

Where to Get Vegan Protein Foods

With a little forethought, there is no reason why those living on a vegan diet should suffer protein deficiency because plant-based proteins are ample and quite sufficient for sustaining good health.

Animal Free Food – Optimal Health through Vegan Diets

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Many scientific studies have shown that veganism and the vegan cuisines promote good health and wellness as they eliminate obesity, etc.

What Makes Veganism Healthy?

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Veganism offers countless health benefits by being low fat and high fiber while also containing all the essential nutrients human bodies need.