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Is Palm Oil Vegan?

The fact is that palm oil comes from palm tree which would logically make it a vegan product, right? Wrong! But let me explain. The product — palm oil, palm shortening or anything derived from palm trees — would have been vegan and could have been vegan if only the process were not harming innocent…

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Global Vegan Registry

Now available for viewing ONLY to those who have signed up at the private Global Vegan Registry Facebook group. Vegan Blogger Is Popular:explaining the global vegan registry

The Global Vegan Registry is in the Making

Global Vegan Registry

Vegan Solutions to Ending World Hunger

You and I may be well fed but that is not at all the truth for 900 million people around the globe who are hungry and starving.

Veganism in Different Cultures Around the World

Vegan 13

Veganism with its animal ethics and principles regarding protection of the global environment exists in just about every culture around the world.

Veganism in World Religions

Vegan 12

Veganism and the vegan lifestyle has been addressed by the major world religions that include the Judeo Christian, Middle Eastern Islam & Far Eastern..