Eat raw vegan food and expect to feel healthier. That is an important consideration even for me as a long term vegan. When I began eating a vegan diet years ago, my eating plan seemed rather radical to many friends. Much of my motivation was to get the most natural, unprocessed, and pristine diet possible.

I hadn’t even thought of adopting a completely raw or mostly raw vegan diet, but I considered then and believe now that the best vegan diet aspires to have mostly raw foods. I delight in tastes and textures when I eat raw vegan food. I still try to do so as much as possible.

One eagerly anticipated result from raw vegan eating and raw vegan recipes would be raw vegan weight loss. Complete avoidance of anything that is processed tends to mean eating lots of fiber and doing much chewing. Unfortunately, people do need to be realistic. Caloric intake must always be balanced with energy expended. It is possible to consume raw vegan food and overeat.

Weight control can result from eating a raw vegan diet. To be able to control one’s weight while not feeling deprived of dessert is to eat a diet that has lots of appeal. There is considerable interest among many people in making food that is as natural and unprocessed as possible. Making it raw, tasty, perhaps spicy, and varied would take away any sense of deprivation.

I find, however, that when I eat this way, I feel great satiety and consume fewer calories and almost no fat. Even raw vegan cheesecake and raw vegan brownies are health foods when compared to other kinds of desserts. As a vegan, I still love dessert. I enjoy cheesecake that is vegan and want to learn more recipes for raw vegan cookies and cheesecake as they would perhaps be even more wholesome options than the recipes I now use.

There is even a radio program entitled Raw Vegan Radio that proffers recipes, rationales, and an important sense of community connection for raw vegan diets. Breakfast can be raw and vegan, but enticing. Eating this way allows one to have some chocolate eats without any guilt.

Eating a raw vegan diet means good food. I love foods that taste delicious. I aspire to eating raw vegan as much as possible. For me, the recipe for happy veganism is variety. I look constantly for creative ways to consume the best food. I make lots of great soup, but have yet to learn to make many that are raw. I look forward to making some of those.

Eat raw vegan food and one will feel better than ever. I believe that is a reasonable belief. My vegan diet already keeps me at a healthy weight. That makes me the subject of envy by some of my friends. My longstanding motivation for eating more raw food has little to do with weight control. I am committed to avoiding chemicals, processing, and anything that is genetically modified. I want the purest food possible. Raw food offers me the best chance to find it.

It might be raw vegan food you are interested in or maybe cooked. In either case, I am determined to provide you with the best information and the most valuable resources pertaining to a lifestyle of veganism right here at these Vegan pages. That is because I am passionate about vegetarian veganism and everything about it.

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