Meatless vegan burgers patties have become rather easy to find even in non-vegan restaurants. There are versions of the meatless vegan burger patties or vegan burgers that can be found online as vegan burgers restaurant.

The commercially available vegan burgers brands can be a real convenience to busy people. I am grateful when I can find vegan veggie patties in restaurants and in markets. I prefer my own vegan burgers recipes because to make the burger patties myself means I have complete control of what goes in them.

I always think that it’s not enough for something to be meatless; all of the ingredients, including the bread or rolls, should be the healthiest and the best choices possible. To have homemade patties is well worth learning some basic recipes.

Knowing how to make meatless vegan burgers can also save money. I personally prefer to use beans as the base for my recipes as opposed to soy products. I would rather eat soy beans themselves than have the more processed forms of soy such as tempeh and tofu. That is a personal decision, of course. There are very tasty versions of veggie burgers made with soy, but I would rather eat vegan burgers without soy.

The black bean is my favorite for veggie burgers. I often bring them to barbecues that my friends host. You might be surprised at how many meat-eating friends opt to savor my delicious black bean vegan veggie burgers instead of the hamburgers with cheese and potato chips that are also available.

I like to begin my recipes with fresh and raw ingredients. If I’m going to eat something cooked, I would rather oversee the cooking. I bake delicious potato chips that I have thinly sliced. They are fresher, less oily, and smell better than the commercial chips. Clearly, they are free of chemical preservatives and flavorings. Most people prefer my chips to the commercial ones. Then everyone seems to love when the veggie burgers are grilled. The outdoor cooking enhances the flavors of food.

I also like to put lots of vegetables in my meatless vegan burger patties. Mushroom, bell peppers of every shade, onions, garlic, and even asparagus and broccoli are cut up into very small pieces and incorporated into my patties. They add color, nutrients, texture, and taste. Fortunately, it is not hard to learn how to prepare wonderful vegan burger patties.

I also find that portabella mushrooms can just be grilled and used alone as a substitute for meat. These fungi are just so flavorful, especially when cooked on a barbecue or roasted. I think a lot more people would eat this way if they only knew how.

There are many commercially available vegan burger patties. Any search online will take one to quite a few brands. Better yet, in my opinion, there are many recipes to access. They are free, they are good, and I love to experiment with new ones. I delight in mastering new ways to produce healthy and delectable food.

Meatless vegan burgers patties are a prominent component in the diets of many vegans. They can be easy and quick. For new or self-conscious vegans, the availability of vegan burgers in restaurants can be a big help in the transition to a vegan way of life.

For those who don’t want to give up the flavor of animal based products such as meats and dairy, there are plenty of vegan substitutes. Here at the Vegan site I will introduce you to plenty of them and much more because I am passionate about teaching people about what it means to be vegan.

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