Bananas should be included as part of a healthy vegan diet but let us now have some fun at their expense.

Healthy Vegan Diet - Fun Facts About BananasI will venture to say that most people are familiar with the tropical fruits known as bananas and most of them like the flavor, aroma and texture of bananas. I will also venture to say that most people also believe that bananas deliver high nutritional value and are, therefore, very healthful. All that is very true, but I am about to present you with some fun facts about bananas as part of a healthy vegan diet that is filled with nutrients that promote optimal health and wellness.

Here we go …

Do you know how many different types of bananas exist in the world?

Believe it or not, there are about 1,000 different kinds of bananas found around the world but the vast majority of them are inedible. As a matter of fact, the bananas most of us are familiar with are those produced by the Cavendish plants.

Do you know what is the botanical nature of a banana plant?

Banana plants are not tree or bushes but rather arborescents which are tree-like perennial herbs. As a matter of fact, banana plants are the world’s largest flowering herbaceous plants.

Do you know the botanical classification of a banana?

You now know that banana plants are actually herbs. But here is another interesting fact about the banana itself — it is a botanical berry.

Did you know that bananas are the world’s fourth largest agricultural product?

With 100 billion bananas being consumed every year around globe, bananas are the fourth largest agricultural product with the first three being wheat, rice and corn.

Do you know which is considered among the healthiest natural foods in the world?

Bananas, of course. How or why? Well, bananas contain 0 fats and are low in caloric value while being very high in potassium, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. On top of that, bananas also contain a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins. Having studies the issue closely, the FDA has declared bananas as a super food that prevents heart attacks and strokes as well as several types of cancers.

Did you ever eat a banana that tastes like an apple?

This may surprise you but there is a variety of bananas that is known as Goldfinger and it does indeed taste like apples. For some reason this variety never became commercially viable around the world.

Did you know that bananas are radioactive?

An average size banana containing 422 mg of potassium and part of that is potassium-40 which is a radioactive isotope of potassium. So yes, bananas are naturally radioactive but it’s the kind of radioactivity that will cause you no harm.

Did you know that the great majority of commercially grown banana plants were cloned from a single banana plant?

That’s correct. It is purported that just about all of the commercially grown bananas all over the world had been cloned from the same banana plant, Cavendish, that originated in Southeast Asia. This means that if a fatal disease broke out in one banana plantation, the entire global banana population would be in danger of being wiped out in no time at all. Can you imagine a world without bananas? I can’t!

Do you know how many bananas the average American eats?

Statistics show that the average American eats more than 26 pounds of bananas per year. This means that the average american eats more bananas than both oranges and apples combines, which also means that he/she eats more bananas than any other fruit.

Now, do you know how many bananas the average Ugandan eats?

Ugandans eat more bananas than anyone else in the world. As a matter of fact, the average Ugandan annually eats about 500 pounds of bananas. Wow!

Did you know that bananas improve moods?

Bananas are loaded with the amino acid known as tryptophan and vitamin B6. In combination, the two assist the body in producing seratonin which is the natural chemical found in Prozac which is the drug prescribed to those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Do you know what a cluster of bananas is called?

A cluster of bananas is called a ‘hand’ and, therefore, a single banana is called a ‘finger.”

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