Homemade vegan dishes are, for me, an expression of much love and nurturance. Fixing vegan dishes for dinner is an important way for me to express affection to my friends. It delights me to prepare vegan dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. Vegan dishes for Christmas and vegan dishes for parties are always much more appreciated by non-vegans than one might assume.

When I make Vegan dishes for meat-lovers, the carnivores are often very pleasantly surprised. I often bring vegan dishes for potluck gatherings. I have lots of vegan dish recipes that I’ve found in cookbooks, online, and those I’ve created myself.

Vegan dishes can vary so much in taste and style. Because there is such a long tradition of meatless diets in India, for example, I have many Indian vegan recipes to enjoy. There is probably nothing in the world that can be done with a lentil to make it wonderful that the people of India don’t know how to do.

Potatoes just become so fascinating when made into a vegan potato Bhaji. Although I have to tone down the spice a bit for most westerners—including myself—I find Indian vegan recipes among the most interesting things to serve for dinner. My potato Bhaji recipe I obtained from a friend who originally came from Goa. It is a wonderful vegan mean unto itself. I even like the leftovers—should there be any—for breakfast.

Another country of origin for very good vegan recipe ideas is Mexico. A vegan burrito, taco, or enchilada can be spiced to exactly the preferences one has. The seasonings of the Mexican palette add a lot of interest to vegan food. I can even serve a mole sauce made with some chocolate that has more of a savory than a sweet flavor.

People who are new to veganism probably think that making homemade vegan dishes would be difficult. Anyone who can sauté some veggies, cook a grain, and toss the results together is capable of making vegan veggie spaghetti or quinoa.

Vegan soups are so easy to assemble. I like nothing better in cold weather and deeply appreciate how versatile soups can be. Besides that, they can be a one-dish meal. What could be better?

Like most Americans, I love burgers. A good burger is for me a healthy meal. What makes a vegan burger good for me is that it has some raw ingredients that are fresh. I love tomatoes, onion, and lots of veggies mixed in with beans in my vegan burgers.

Seitan is a dish that is made from wheat gluten. It is used often by vegans. There are instructions available on the Internet for how to prepare it. Happily, it can be seasoned in many different ways. The same is, of course, true of tofu.

Homemade vegan dishes might sound like a lot of work. So many people these days don’t seem to do much home cooking. I find that the very smell of food cooking adds something wonderful to my whole neighborhood. When I am out walking the dogs, I return to the great aroma coming from my home. It is welcoming to me and to those I invite to join me for a meal. The results more than balance out the effort of cooking great vegan food.

Preparing your own vegan foods at home is easy and healthy. If you take time to browse through all my pages right here at this Vegan Blogger.com site, you will learn all that you would ever need to know about vegan cuisine, about research that substantiates the value of being vegan, etc.

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