Having an Is It Vegan app for a phone or tablet might be a big help for people who are new to veganism. I am asked so many times: glycerin is it vegan and honey is it vegan. I would welcome an Is It Vegan iPhone app.

People need more information about how to be responsibly vegan. They want to know is it vegan to swallow some things which they previously had consumed without any concern. The change in consciousness to veganism is much more than a change in diet.

This shift in thinking and in eating brings many benefits. Breakfast may now become a black bean burrito, but one need not abandon having chocolate cake. In fact, many a person has become good at cooking when taking up veganism. I may not consider myself a chef, but I’m a very good cook. Non-vegans enjoy dining on my food. I serve delicious eats on lovely china.

Many people think it will be hard to become vegan. They may not at first see much benefit in moving past vegetarianism to consuming no animal products. Often they are motivated to lose weight and to try to regain their health. There is no question that veganism is a healthy way of life. It can require taking some time to study and learn about it.

I have known folks who started eating this way for weight loss. They thought this was an episode, a diet that would meet a goal on a scale and then be abandoned. To their surprise, they felt well, really well. They liked the way they responded to the diet, and their doctors liked the results of their blood tests.

Eating this way is easy once one learns how to do it. There are many recipes available. Eventually, with experience, many of us enjoy improvising a recipe or two. We quickly see the benefits of eating a lot of raw produce. Our focus on very fresh food often means having truly ripe and wonderful fruit to enjoy.

When someone goes on this kind of regimen to lose weight, he or she often finds great improvement in cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Nonetheless, one needs to embark on a vegan diet with reasonable goals in mind. It is possible to consume more calories than one needs while following a vegan diet. There has to be some balance between intake and output. Exercise is critical for health and for weight control.

I have been amused that some people express surprise that they have met vegans who are active, happy people. Contrary to some people’s expectations, vegans are a diverse group of people. One can live on a veggie diet without animal products and retain a sense of fun and humor. One doesn’t have to become a dour zombie. One also doesn’t have to become a critic of what diet other people follow.

Is it vegan? That is a critical question for me. I’ve been following a vegan diet for many years now. I don’t see myself as needing an app to answer these questions, but I see it as a wonderful sign that there is sufficient interest in veganism for such a convenience. Such tools can join the arsenal of the vegan video, books, and online sites in helping to educate potential and new vegans.

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