It’s time to blend! Smoothie recipe Amazon Kindle book by Hanna Getty promises great refreshment and good health in her newest book, entitled Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss: The Daily Diet, Cleanse & Green Smoothie Detox Book. The author has become prominent in the vegan community as an expert in both her vast knowledge and her more than four decades of experience as a vegan.

Ms. Getty has been lauded with several five-star reviews for her writing. As in her previous vegan book, Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle: A Journey into Veganism, the author makes learning about this approach to a wholesome life into a fun excursion. The earlier book was more discursive about the philosophy behind the commitment to cruelty-free and plant-based eating and living, but it did contain a few recipes. This one rivets one’s attention on the recipes.

This book focuses on tasty vegan smoothie recipes that will please diverse ages and tastes. The 130 concoctions one can learn from this book have been taste-tested and approved by both culinary experts and many of the author’s friends and family. When non-vegans enjoy the recipes of vegans, one knows one has offered excellent food.

Part of the benefit of a plant-based diet is in what it avoids or minimizes. This way of eating can keep out all much of the refined sugars, excessive sodium, and all of the animal fats that are bad for our health. It is also a terrific way to minimize or eradicate a lot of chemicals from the diet. Many people consider eating in this way to be a detoxification diet. In this book, Hanna Getty demonstrates that detoxifying can be delicious and fun.

For convenience and clarity of presentation, the book is divided into nine chapters. The first one illustrates the differences among shakes, juices, slushies, and smoothies. It is this book’s contention that smoothies offer superior health payoffs. Getty asserts that no other food—regardless of its consistency or form –can match a smoothie for good health, nutrition, and delightful imbibing. It is in this first chapter that the reader learns how to make smoothies and gets motivated to do so.

The author is committed to the belief that everyone would be healthier by having at least one smoothie a day. The rest of the chapters embrace the range of these beverages. They include smoothies that are basic, those that focus on weight loss, others that aim for cleansing with detoxification and stress relief, a chapter on green and veggie smoothies, and then many that appeal to children. There chapters on coconut and chocolate delights as well as a chapter each devoted to building immunity and another for high energy through the pleasures of drinking smoothies.

Because smoothies are so nutritious and so simple to prepare, many people will find this a helpful book to direct them toward healthier, but painless dietary improvement. That children can be enticed to consume great nutrients in a beverage is just one of the great reasons for getting this book. It also helps that a smoothie is a highly portable and wholesome way to start the day for many people. With Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss: The Daily Diet, Cleanse & Green Smoothie Detox Book, it is easy for anybody to learn how to eat better, feel well, and enjoy doing so. No other food but smoothies can be so good for us and yet so convenient and quick.

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