Make delicious vegan soup that you can freeze in portions and enjoy over and over. That is something I do frequently. Like so many people, I think of soup as a comfort food. The healthful contents of vegan soups and stews make vegan soups and stews recipes even more appealing.

Great cooks start their soups off with stock. There are lots of recipes available online for making a terrific vegan stock. Anyone can learn how to make it. Time can even be saved by assembling vegetables, seasonings, herbs, and water in a crockpot. One can have great stock with so little effort. Good stock is needed for the best soups, no matter the contents.

With a good homemade vegan stock, one can make a great lentil, potato, Thai, tofu, tomato or just about any vegan soup. Vegan stock is the best possible vegan soup base. There are many varieties of vegan soup crock pot recipes.

Vegan soups and hearty stews recipes make wonderful one-dish meals. I like to include vegan soup dumplings even if my soup is mostly a bean recipe. I will still add carrot, cauliflower, or corn. It just depends on what is fresh and available. The best food is fresh, in season, and simply made.

When it’s necessary, I do find there are some good vegan soup brands. They are truly helpful to those who hate cooking. I find that making a basic soup with lots of veggie contents can give me quite a few meals. It’s economical and time-saving. I can puree part of the soup and enjoy it as creamy and delicious in that way. Alternatively, I can leave the other portion rougher looking and serve it homestyle. It tastes wonderful either way.

Vegan soup for colds can just feel so soothing. The warmth and steam feel comforting and kind of relieve some of the sense of congestion. When illness can make one lose one’s appetite, soup is healthy and easy to consume. It is probably one of the most universal of foods to serve someone who isn’t feeling well.

Planning for times when someone might become ill, I always keep some vegan veggie soup in my freezer. I confess that relying on refrigeration and freezing foods does feel less than green. I may rationalize by considering that my diet is one that is otherwise really good for the planet.

When I have made a yummy vegan soup, I emphasize how healthy it is by adding some raw vegetables on top. They complement the flavors and add more interest. So far as I’m concerned, any recipe becomes better when more food that is raw and unprocessed is added to it.

Make delicious vegan soup and you can find recipes that are super. A veggie soup can be made to be sweet. I like to make butternut squash or carrot-ginger squash with a combination of both sweetness and tartness. Vegan soups need never be boring.

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