One-Stop, All Vegan Online Shopping Mall!

Vegan Shopping Mall

You and I have seen plenty of shopping malls in just about every city and town around the world; shopping malls where the local and visiting public can buy just about everything and anything their hearts desire and their pocketbooks can endure:

  • clothing and accessories
  • shoes, purses and wallets
  • cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products
  • stationery goods, books and magazines
  • electronic and mechanical gadgets
  • household appliances and entertainment centers
  • jewelry and gifts
  • children’s and adult paraphernalia
  • cleaning supplies
  • pharmaceuticals and medical services
  • a wide array of food stuff
  • etc., etc., etc.

Most shopping malls have been designed with cheerfully opulent elegance in mind and they provide the convenience of meeting consumer needs under one huge roof as well as fun and recreation for those who just like to window shop or merely stroll through their carpeted stylishness. That is all good and well for the general, carnist population but what about vegans like you and me?

As vegans who aspire for a lifestyle that is as ethical and cruelty-free as possible, such malls are pretty much useless because the vast majority of their offerings consist of or contain animal byproducts, are tested on lab animals or come from environments that are not sustainable, eco-friendly or organic. I haven’t personally set foot in a shopping mall in over 4 decades and if you are anything like me, you too most likely avoid spending your hard-earned money at conventional shopping mall.

Unfortunately, vegans are still but a tiny minority. Yes, we have grown quite a bit and we are continually growing but our numbers are still rather small and obviously not commercially viable for big-time investors whose sole objective is to make great deals of money. As far as I know, therefore, there exists only one physical, brick and mortar all vegan shopping mall in this entire country (United States) of ours. The mall I am referring to is located in Portland, Oregon. Now, since I have never visited that mall, I don’t really know how comprehensive it is or how comparable to all the conventional shopping malls we have just talked about. I do, however, know that it is called the Vegan Mini-Mall which infers that it offerings a rather limited supply of vegan goods.

Until now, vegans like you and me have been forced to either purchase from stand-alone vegan shops around town or through online vendors that offer just one line of products. There is certainly nothing wrong with that except for the fact that it is not always very convenient. So, does that at times make you feel somewhat resentful? Does it anger you to realize that the world is so far off the compassion mark? Do you feel slighted that your needs are not being met? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then you are in good company because most vegans feel that way at least some of the time.

Please don’t lose heart, fellow vegans! I’ve got a great solution to this dilemma! But before I actually tell you what that might be, I want to make a disclaimer: If I had the financial resources and the powerfully influential backing that is needed for building shopping malls all over the world, I would make them all 100% vegan! Sadly, I lack the funding and support to do all that but the solution I have in mind is, you will most likely agree, is the next best thing.

My solution:

An online, ONE-STOP, ALL VEGAN SHOPPING MALL! A shopping mall where you will be able to purchase all that you desire under one conveniently accessible virtual “roof.” No more running from store to store, no more hustling to find a parking spot, no more waiting in lines to pay at cash registers that are manned by moody cashiers and no more dealing with traffic jams.

The bad news is that this ONE-STOP, ALL VEGAN SHOPPING MALL is not quite yet set up for business, but the good news is that it will be in the coming days. Just so you know, I am currently in the process of finalizing negotiations with a wide variety of vendors and/or manufacturers of the kind of certified vegan products that you will appreciate and love.

So, please stay tuned as the
is coming very, very soon!