With technology being as advanced as it is today and with the easy Internet access via a wide range of wireless and wired gadgets such as smart phones, tables, iPads, Kindles and, of course, computers; online shopping has become a familiar concept in just about every household.

Online Shopping MallNowadays, very nearly everything and anything can be purchased online — books, personal care products, beauty supplies, clothing, shoes, accessories, prescribed and over-the-counter medications, furniture, kitchenware, major appliances, digital software packages, food stuff, toys and games, jewelry and gifts, electronic devices, and even large ticket items such as motorbikes, cars, boats and much more. Furthermore, pretty much every service imaginable can also be acquired by merely connecting to the Internet and clicking a few buttons. You can hire a general contractor online, you can engage a cleaning crew through a variety of websites, you can get a complete education from K on through high school and then a college degree through computer courses, you can consult with attorneys and healthcare providers and much, much more.

I do believe that most of us would not at all hesitate to claim that online shopping is quick, easy and convenient as we can do it from just about anywhere — from our beds while still wearing PJs, from our living room sofas while wrapped in cozy terrycloth robes, from our parked cars while the engines are idling, from our offices at breaktimes, from posh restaurants, from sandy beaches, etc., etc., etc. We would also readily declare that online shopping is often cost effective because online vendors carry lower overhead expenses which they then pass on savings to their consumers.

At the risk of sounding like one who is very much pro online shopping, here are a few more points advocating it:

- Online Stores are Always Open. Unlike shopping in brick and mortar retail stores that are rarely open 24/7 and 365 days a year, shopping online can be done at any time of the day or night and on any day of the year. Online vendors are open for business all the time and their shoppers need never rush to get there before closing time.

- Comparison Shopping. Savvy shoppers know that it is always a good idea to comparison shop for quality, availability, price points, customer service and so on. When shopping online, there is never a need to run from store to store in order to comparison shop because myriads of online vendors are just a few mouse clicks away.

- Information Accessibility. Online shopping makes getting detailed information about specific products or styles as easily accessible as the right or left key of your computer mouse. Online shopping eliminates the need to do lots of tiresome running around or making countless phone calls to acquire information about product manufacturers, to become educated about materials and ingredients, to tap into the latest styles, to learn how-to use certain items, and so on and so forth. All such information and much more is readily available to online shoppers who just need to click a few buttons and everything will quickly appear on their monitor screens.

- Unique or Specialty Items. If you are one who loves to own uniquely different pieces or you are in need of some specialty items, shopping online is the only way to go because local brick and mortar vendors generally limit their inventory to items that are most popular and may, therefore, not cater to your particular needs.

- Special Online Savings. I have already mentioned earlier that online vendors tend to pass their savings to their online consumers. That is also true with brick and mortar retailers that also do business via websites. In this scenario, vendors often discount the merchandise and/or services purchased online because less staff is being utilized that way.

- Door to Door Delivery. There are those online vendors who charge for shipping purchased items to customer doors and there are those vendors who deliver for free. Either way, it’s really nice to have your purchases carried to your front door, especially the big and bulky ones.

Yes, I love to shop online and I do it all the time. For the sake of being fair, however, let us now look at the downside of shopping online but along with that let us also consider viable solutions:

- No Immediate Gratification. Going to a physical store and buying something, anything, lets you take immediate ownership of it. When shopping online you have to wait for its arrival which can take anywhere from several days to several weeks or even months. You have to exercise your patience when shopping online.

Solutions: If it’s not a matter of urgency, buy whatever you need online and forget about it for the time being. When the item is finally delivered, you will be pleasantly surprised and that is always fun.

- Shipping Fees. Items bought online may be cheaper than the same items bought in real stores but you then have to figure in the shipping fees which can be quite high.

Solution: I usually limit my online shopping to situations where the shipping fees are reasonably low or where shipping is totally free. You might want to consider doing the same.

- Deceptive Images. Unless an online buyer is already familiar with the product he/she is about to purchase, there is a need to rely on posted images and descriptions which could potentially be deceptive. This may sometimes result in disappointments.

Solution: Shop online only for items that you already know or, if possible, check them out in local retail store before actually buying them through a website.

- Inconvenient Returns. Returning an item to an online vendor could prove to be quite inconvenient and even costly, unless this same vendor also has a physical store within the buyer’s geographic location to which the said item can be returned.

Solution: Before initiating an online purchase, always be sure that you understand the vendor’s Return Policy and that you are comfortable with their terms.

- Potentional Fraud. Online purchases are paid with credit cards which leave an open window of opportunity for fraud and theft.

Solution: Never shop from a website until you verify that it is reputable, secure and protected. Also be certain that the site’s Privacy Policy ensures that your private information will never be made available for any reason to 3rd parties.

OK. Now that I have presented you with facts about the positive and negative aspects of shopping online, let me assure and reassure you that shopping at the Vegan Blogger Shopping Mall

… is indeed safe and secure,
… provides easy access to a wide range of cruelty-free, vegan items,
… affords great discounts on an enormous selection of plant-based items,
… provides the best and most reliable customer service.

Thank you for considering us and we are confident that you will enjoy the experience.


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