Peanut butter vegan cookies are very popular with my friends. In fact, I find bringing a healthy sweet that is vegan to someone’s home probably makes me very popular. Sometimes I think that vegan cookies take over the world. They are that tasty and enticing.

To my surprise, I’ve even been told I don’t have to pay to have the tires on my car rotated if I will just again bring some vegan oatmeal raisin cookies with peanuts in them. I once gave the owner of the tire store some cookies and became his favorite customer.

He doesn’t believe me when I tell him that my vegan cookies recipe easy is well within his ability to make. He doesn’t think he could learn how to make them, but he could. I was so surprised not to have to pay him if I just chip in a few cookies.

Dessert is probably an easy way to introduce friends to vegan eating. I know that vegan cookies in a jar are very welcoming when guests enter my home. Of course, the smell of vegan cookies and cream cupcakes baking in the oven is just superb.

Vegan cookies can come in so many varieties. I like to make them in a combination of sweet and salty flavors. I use almonds, little bites of banana, and get the flavor of butter without having to sacrifice veganism at all. Vegan cookies chocolate chip are another recipe I make, but many of these can be found commercially also in vegan cookies brands.

This weekend I’m going to a conference. I will enjoy bringing along a couple of batches of my wholesome, healthy cookies. I can have a veritable brunch of goodness with peanut bits and chocolate chips in my cookies. I find that the food that is available at such occasions really is very poor in quality. I am quite willing to share my goodies that taste like they are full of butter and cream, but have only the best of ingredients. I think each cookie is a kind of ambassador for veganism. Taste this and know that vegans really aren’t crazy after all is what I sometimes think as I pass these cookies around.

I like to pack lots of nutrients into vegan cookies and homemade breakfast bars. I combine oatmeal with dried fruit and come up with a bar or muffin that would interest and tempt any meat eater. The texture and the aroma are just terrific. When my favorite charities are having bake sales, my goodies are big sellers.

I find that parents, in particular, are concerned these days with the amount of unhealthy, high fat snacks their children consume. I am frequently asked for hints about desserts that will please the children without contributing to weight gain. I remind parents that energy output is very important, but vegan cookies can be sweet without having a high glycemic index. They can be very sweet because they often contain fruit. I am happy to share my recipes but also invite my friends to search online for other recipes and resources.

Peanut butter vegan cookies are just one fabulous vegan approach to healthier snacking. Vegan cookies can be full of wholesome fiber and protein. They are a very portable and convenient way to snack. I love to have a vegan cookie and an apple or orange. I feel then that I’ve had a substantial little meal with lots of nutritional value.

Part of being vegan means eating delicious, healthy and wholesome foods such as peanut butter cookies and much more. Be sure to check out all that I present here at this Vegan — the number one vegetarian vegan online resource.

For more about peanut butter cookies and other vegan deserts, you might think about reading my recently published ebook about about veganism and it could be yours by simply downloading it into your Kindle, iPad or PC.

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