Hanna Getty has done it again! She has poured her passion for nutritionally healthy foods into a solid cookbook that is well organized and filled with wonderful recipes that anyone and everyone can follow effortlessly. With desserts being her favorite parts of any meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper or dinner) and between mealtime snacking, Ms. Getty is now presenting Hanna’s Vegan Desserts Cookbook: 50 Best Dessert Recipes – Quick & Easy, No Bake, Raw & Healthy After Dinner Treats & Anytime Snacks.

In fact, Ms. Getty claims that the desserts she presents in this most recent book of hers contain ingredients that are so naturally healthful that they can guiltlessly replace entire meals. In her own words, “Eat my desserts and you can safely forget about eating anything else.” And you know what? I have seen the book and have thoroughly browsed through the recipes with it. So, I can now honestly tell you that her claim is not an exaggeration.

Thriving exclusively on a plant-based diet, Hanna Getty is obsessively fanatical about sharing her understanding of veganism and her enthusiasm about the animal-free vegan diet. She believes, and I wholeheartedly concur, that her recipes yield foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious and that they are quite suitable for any person — young or old, male or female. Likewise, Ms. Getty’s desserts are also good matches to whichever lifestyles people choose for themselves — vegan, vegetarian, meat-eating, etc.

Hanna’s Desserts Cookbook is actually a wonderful way to introduce the plant-based vegan diet because is delivers the sweet scrumptiousness and the wholesome goodness of foods that are extravagant on the one hand and quick, easy and simple to prepare, on the other.

Just to give you a better idea about this desserts recipe book and to disclose the wide variety of delectable recipes within it, here are the chapter headings for Hanna’s Vegan Desserts Cookbook.

Chapter 1: Introducing Hanna’s Vegan Desserts Cookbook
Chapter 2: No Bake Desserts
Chapter 3: Trouble Free Baked Desserts
Chapter 4: Frosty Cold Desserts

Of course, Hanna Getty begins her book with a letter to her readers and an acknowledgement. Then she culminates her book with a final statement. As is true of all her literary work, her writing is lighthearted and fun to read.

I would strongly advise you to visit Hanna Getty’s author page at Amazon.com where you will also find links to all her books:

Hanna’s Vegan Desserts Cookbook: 50 Best Dessert Recipes – Quick & Easy, No Bake, Raw & Healthy After Dinner Treats & Anytime Snacks
Published just 2 weeks ago, this book has already been awarded a 5-star rating by five enthusiastic readers.

Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss: The Daily Diet, Cleanse & Green Smoothie Detox Book
This recipe book has been selling like crazy and it’s earned a 4.5-star rating from 20 consumers reviewers.

Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle – A Journey Into Veganism
This is the first book Hanna Getty published on the topic of veganism and it has won an incredible following. It currently brandishes a 5-star rating provided by 10 enthralled readers.

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