A vegan meal is not usually what most people would think of as the diet or the recipe for effective bodybuilding. Fitness expert Kardena Pauza is herself definite and evidence that eating such meals can build muscle when combined with an effective workout strategy. Her epic success as a bodybuilder speaks for itself in every episode that features her.

Although Pauza’s website describes the diet she promotes as vegetarian, much of it is compatible with veganism. Her site also quotes medical Dr. Dean Ornish’s statement that, “The link between animal products and heart disease is now very well documented. It’s no surprise that half of all Americans develop heart disease, because the typical U.S. diet puts almost everyone at risk.”

As the founder and leader of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute in California, Ornish has long argued for a plant-based diet of whole foods that provide all the protein one needs. Indeed, such a vegan veggie food pattern for dinner and every meal can result in pleasurable eating and better health for the entire family.

Making every meal vegan can require planning, time, and thought. Those who are new to veganism will probably want to seek out recipes and take along a detailed ingredient list as a guide in the grocery. They will want to look online to get tips about how to make these changes.

Although many people anticipate that their food costs will go down, initially they may find some initial increase in costs because they won’t generally be eating low cost and very unhealthful fast and convenience foods. Vegans don’t often haul home unwholesome but cheap food. On the other hand, a plant based diet may help one avoid high medical costs in the future as well as helping the planet’s ecology.

As a vegan with many years of experience, I encourage those who want to start to eat this way to start slowly. I don’t think that quick changes might be as lasting as minute steps taken over time. One thing I suggest is to reach for something raw when one wants to nibble. Produce is the best of all snacks especially in a culture that is so seemingly addicted to refined carbs. Find one’s satisfying crunchy chewing in veggies and fruit.

Great vegan meals can often be found in ethnic settings. Thai and other Asian cuisines have a wide repertoire of recipes that use tofu instead of meat. Happily, there are great vegan recipes available online. It is certainly possible to produce a great sandwich and even terrific holiday meals without having to sacrifice the principles of veganism.

A vegan meal can be enjoyed even in the presence of skepticism and parody of vegan eating. That was my experience recently at a conference that had nothing to do with diet or food. I made no comment on the vegan meal I had ordered; nonetheless, it led to banter about vegetarianism and veganism in mocking terms. I was not discomforted and felt no need to defend my choices. I feel no smugness. I merely feel smart.

When people ask me whether vegan dishes are tasty, I always tell them to try a vegan meal and then judge for themselves because I have no doubt that they will end up loving it. As a matter of fact, I am so convinced that the vegan lifestyle is the way to live, I created this Vegan Blogger.com site in order to share my views with experienced vegans as well as new comers who can learn here why being vegan is so great as well as how to become vegan and much more.

For great tips and helpful suggestions about creating the perfect vegan meals for the family on any occasion, refer to my most recent Amazon.com publication which you will be able to load into your Amazon Kindle as well as into you Apple iPad and/or your personal computer.

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