Super food book coming Amazon Kindle Platform co-written by Hanna Getty is entitled, Lose Weight, Get Fit & Feel Great with a Plant-Based Diet of Natural Super Foods. This informative work will augment Getty’s previous book, Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle: A Journey into Veganism.

With the benefit of more than forty years of plant-based living, Hanna is uniquely qualified to help readers understand the improvements in both health and mind that await those who adopt a more natural way of eating. The new book emphasizes the research support for changing to a diet that is less processed and closer to nature.

Super foods are those plants and vegetables that contain the nutrients our bodies crave. The new book explores why it is that the usual Western diets of all kinds seem to fail to help people achieve lasting results in lean body conformation. It also delineates research as to the physiological basis for the food cravings that torment so many would-be dieters.

The book explores how the right nutrients have been shown to help curb hunger because the actual needs of the body are being met. Unlike the ordinary way of eating in the United States, plant-based diets that embrace and seek out super foods can sate the appetite with fewer calories, little fat and much flavor.

Most people find that the super foods are ones that they can enjoy. Although the American public has been conditioned and –-according to some researchers, even manipulated—to seek out high fat, high sodium, and high sugar foods, changing over to a natural way of eating can appease those food obsessions.

Among these super foods are walnuts, tomatoes, green or black tea, spinach, soy, pumpkin, oranges, oats, broccoli, blueberries, and beans. Most of the delicious items on this list contain lots of fiber which is, in and of itself, a super food. Fiber keeps the system moving and quickens the pace at which waste and anything deleterious may be gotten out of the body.

Not only do these foods help one feel better, but they can contribute to improved blood sugar levels, better cholesterol profiles, and vigorous enjoyment of life. This book, however, doesn’t merely focus on what is wrong with diets and the value of choosing to eat better. It also traces the exercise research that will convince just about anyone that the way to longer and meaningful life involves exercise. Exercise not only improves the body, but it helps the mind. Happily, exercise and the right diet can transform one’s shape, building muscle that helps fuel metabolism and improve appearance.

Whether one is young or old, exercise can improve the mood and the energy level. Many people simply have never learned what their bodies need in terms of movement and food. This book seeks to inform them. The scientifically demonstrated value of aerobic (cardiovascular) as well as resistance (weight-lifting) exercise is reviewed. Anyone who wants to be able to feel energetic, have a lean body, and live at peace with food would profit from reading this book.

Do look for the super food book coming Amazon Kindle Platform co-written by Hanna Getty. If you have read Hanna’s previous book, then you know how authoritative and experienced she is in plant-based eating. Be sure also to check out Hanna’s website

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