The Main Principles on Which Veganism
and the Vegan Lifestyle are Based

Do you know what veganism stands for?

Do you understand what the vegan lifestyle is all about?


With so much wonderful information out there and with the easy access to it, the vast majority of people around the world still do not know what veganism really is or details about the vegan lifestyle.  And the few who do know something about it seem to think that veganism is only a diet.  It seems that the information overload that everyone is talking about has failed to include this plant-based way of life.

To make it somewhat more complicated, veganism means different things to different people under different circumstances but it does have a set of principles that most, if not all, vegans would agree upon and those are:

a)      To do no harm to any sentient beings.

b)      To ensure optimal health in humans.

c)      To preserve and protect the global environment.

But what do these principles really mean?  Give me a few minutes and I will explain!

To do no harm to any sentient beings for any reason:

Sentient BeingsSentient beings are all living creatures that have nervous systems and brains with which to experience physical and emotional feeling and those include all terrestrial animals (large and small) that walk on dry land, swim in water and fly in the sky.

Vegans live their lives in such a way as to avoid killing and/or harming animals for food, clothing, entertainment, sport, medicine, cosmetics, etc.  In a nutshell, vegans do not …

… eat animal products,

… wear clothing made of fur, leather, silk, wool or down,

… patronize zoos, circuses, aquariums, rodeos, bull fights,

… hunt or fish,

… use medicines or cosmetics on which vivisection has been performed.

According to vegans, avoiding the use of animal products saves countless innocent lives and in the process also eradicates world hunger.

To ensure optimal health in humans:

Countless studies performed by reputable research organizations and renown scientists have shown that our human bodies are biologically herbivorous and were intended to metabolize plants rather than animal products.  The same studies have shown that individuals who eat only plants (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and legumes) have much fewer incidents of diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems, various cancers, heart and cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol counts and obesity than those who eat animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs.

Written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and published in 2005, “The China Study” is America’s best-selling book about nutrition in which Dr. Campbell summarizes his finding about the direct correlation between eating animal products and many chronic and life threatening diseases such as breast, prostate and bowel cancers; coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Check out the vegan food pyramid:

Vegan Food Pyramid

To preserve and protect the global environment:

Although this principle may sound most complicated, it’s really the simplest.  Stopping the use of animal products will close down those industries (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) that use up so many precious resources such as water, pasturelands and fuel and at the same time pollute the water we drink and the air we breathe.Go Vegan 1

Can you now agree that veganism is for the protection of animals,
for optimal health and for preservation of planet earth?

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