Animal AdvocacyVegan animal advocates are determined to live in ways that protect animals from abuse of any kind. They also work as hard as they can to convey this message of animal advocacy to others. Vegan animal advocates in Los Angeles, for instance, gather at meet up groups and at organizations such as Compassion Over Killing and many others. Those are just two examples of the many groups that vegan animal advocates go to in L.A. that’s in Southern California.

Animal advocates of the US include Vegan Outreach and Compassion for Animals. Thankfully, animal advocates can be found in many places in the United States as well as throughout the world. For instance, there are the animal advocates of north Texas, animal advocates of Michigan, animal advocates Dartmouth, MA, and Animal Advocates Alliance that do their good works in large cities and small ones all over our country.

Smaller geographical settings also have such agencies and/or organizations. They include animal advocates of Troy, animal advocates of Howard County, as well as animal advocates of Moore County and much, much more. It only makes sense that vegans would become very active advocates for animal welfare. After all, the way we eat and what we wear along with all the other products we use on a daily basis demonstrates our concern for the animal world and testifies to fact that vegans are individuals who truly care for animal welfare and take action to promote it.

Our caring extends far beyond and above the cute Easter bunny, the adorable squirrel and all the puppies and kittens living within our households. We want to be sure that the emu in a zoo is treated well or actually not trapped in a zoo at all because we prefer that he/she is wild and free and nature intended. Of course, the same is true for all other animals — mammals, insects, fish, birds, and so one and on. We see even skunks, opossums, raccoons, snakes, cockroaches and ants not as nuisances at all but as sentient beings who share our biotic world, Planet Earth. As you might expect, this has many implications for our efforts at controlling pests in our homes and gardens. We choose, whenever possible, to relocate these animals rather than to resort to poisoning or killing them by any other means.

Rescuing animal babies that are really cute is an easier sell than convincing other people not to try to kill off a skunk or some other “undesirable” creature. Baby opossums or raccoons can seem rather charming when they are playing, but people other than vegans tend to want to go stomping out the adults of these species. They seem to have little or no tolerance for the moms of those cute babies.

Vegans want to make the world a better place for animals by the way we avoid eating them, wearing them or exploiting them in any other way. Many of us commit to getting involved in rescuing animals. Even if we are scared—as I am of snakes, spiders and roaches—we try to find a better way than killing an animal. Yes, I am terrified of spiders and have even embarrassed myself and startled people standing by when yelling in fear when I have seen them. But in spite of it all, I am glad that I have been able to stop myself from trying to harm them.

Advocates for animals concern themselves with nursing the injured and busy themselves when ensuring that any abandoned creature eats good food and finds a safe haven. Avid animal advocate and lifelong vegan Mary Cummins has cleverly put together a video in which a skunk consumes a vegan hot dog. Besides being amusing it’s an excellent educational tool to help people understand what veganism and animal advocacy are all about.

Another example of an approach to animal advocacy is that of Harold Brown of Virginia. He is the head of an organization called Farm Kind. He takes the position that he and other vegans must advocate for veganism as the most critical action against the exploitation and maltreatment of animals.

Vegan animal advocates have also joined Animal Rights Meet-Ups in cities in various states of the union. This is an excellent way to draw like-minded people together, build community, and foster animal welfare. Vegans want to improve the lot of the animal world. Banding together with others who care about animals can clear the path.

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