If your love, hunger and craving for bacon keep you from going vegan, well I am glad you landed on this page because, with amazing vegan bacon alternatives, I have got the perfect solution for you. Yes, you can choose ethical and cruelty veganism as your lifestyle and still enjoy the flavor, aroma and texture of bacon.

BaconThe fact of the matter is that the traditional bacon, which you are so afraid of abandoning because you cannot imagine life without it, gets is distinctive flavor and aroma from seasonings such as hickory and liquid smoke which are actually derived from a plant (tree) known as beechwood.

In other words, what you love about bacon is actually completely vegan. So, instead of using the flesh of a pig, you could use plant-based products such as beans, potatoes, jicama, mushrooms, eggplants, zucchini, coconut, carrots, bell peppers, as well as tofu, seitan and tempeh. Making these substitutions will give you the bacon flavor that you love so much without ingesting the very unhealthy animal fat and no animals will suffer for your satisfaction and enjoyment.

Now, here are ten way in which to add bacon flavoring — the smokiness, the saltiness, the fattiness, the texture — to veggies in order to create low fat, ethical vegan, kosher and halal bacon:

I. SMOKINESS. To add smokiness to the veggies of your choice and tofu, tempeh or seitan, simply grill them briefly. As an alternative you can douse your veggies with chipotle chili peppers which you can find canned and packed in adobo sauce or as dried powder. If you prefer less spicy heat, use smoked paprika.

Many people use liquid smoke which is actually derived from smoking wood. However, I don’t recommend that because some claim that this product delivers carcinogens.

II. SALTINESS, FATTINESS AND UMAMI. Salt, fat and umami are part of what you love about bacon. Adding sea salt, oil (olive, coconut, etc.) and vegan nutritional yeast are the ingredients that will help convert your plant-based products into the bacon-flavor delights you are after.

III. TEXTURE. The perfect blend of crunchiness and chewiness provided by traditional bacon can be duplicated fairly closely by sautéing your veggies in oil and soy sauce until they are crisp on the outside but still tender inside. Whichever method you decide to use for smokiness should then be added.

Follow the above suggestions and you would have created for yourself a delicious dish of vegan bacon alternative with its mouthwatering goodness that you or anyone else will not be able to resist and the cravings for traditional (pig) bacon will be gone forever.

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