Vegan bread pudding is a delicious dessert that would be appreciated by just about anybody. The bread itself that is the basis of the dish could be purchased from any store that sells vegan bread. I do wonder, however, why that would be necessary when it is so simple to make vegan bread from scratch.

Any vegan bread recipe easy can be used as the foundation for a great vegan bread pudding. The vegan bread recipe can also be used in savory dishes. It can supply the vegan cook with vegan bread crumbs. This makes it possible to prepare vegan breaded chicken, vegan breaded tofu, and vegan breaded eggplant. Tomatoes are especially terrific when they are baked with some bread crumbs and garlic.

I particularly enjoy using vegan bread machine recipes. I love setting it up the night before and awakening to the delicious aroma of fresh bread. These days there are many people who find they feel better on a gluten-free diet. It is a great advantage to have recipes that allow one to bake and be absolutely sure of the contents of the bread. I also like the flexibility that comes from making my own bread dough. I can choose to have homemade loaves or rolls or a combination of both.

There are so many ways to use bread in cooking. Recipes abound. Making it into a pudding is just another delight-filled option, but it is so delicious. I like to use fruit such as banana in my pudding, but then I love to make banana bread. All kinds of nuts and dried fruit can add variety to basic bread pudding recipes.

As the population of vegans grows, even commercial fast food establishments are starting to offer vegans some choices. There is even vegan bread at Subway. I am so glad that I can stop in there and get raw tomatoes, onions, lettuce and other fresh produce on a sandwich. As far as I’m concerned, however, nothing beats homemade vegan bread for good food.

Learning how to make a vegan bread pudding is a snap. Any search engine will lead one to lots of good recipes. The central ingredient is the bread. The better the quality of the bread, the better the pudding will be.

This is also a fabulous use of stale bread. It would be sinful to waste bread, especially if it is homemade. One can intentionally let bread get old and then use it as bread crumbs or—even better—as the basis for a bread pudding.

Most recipes for bread pudding that aren’t vegan call for eggs and dairy. It is so simple to substitute soy milk for both of those animal products. I am thrilled that one sees elegant restaurants offering bread pudding on the menu. It allows me to feel quite confident when I serve a yummy vegan bread pudding to guests or bring one to a potluck supper.

Vegan bread pudding is a tempting, tasty, and lighter version of the usual bread pudding recipes that have been around for years. One can add nuts, cinnamon, other spices, and fruit. Vegans need never hesitate in offering a vegan bread pudding to non-vegans. Learning how to make bread pudding has never been easier nor have the results ever been more pleasing.

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