Vegan chocolate cake can be covered in vegan chocolate ganache and even filled with vegan chocolate mousse. Vegan chocolate can be enjoyed with buttercream or vegan chocolate frosting. It might even have a strawberry sauce. It can have the texture of a fine vegan chocolate pudding or can be almost as crispy as vegan chocolate chip cookies. The vegan chocolate cake batter can easily be made into vegan chocolate cupcakes.

Among the things vegans can enjoy without guilt are vegan chocolate cookies. I particularly love vegan chocolate chip cookies made with peanuts. I like to combine the sweetness from sugar or fruit with the savory taste from the salted peanut in a recipe. I can even use my favorite vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe in making vegan chocolate cupcakes. Everyone loves homestyle baking and basic recipes can be modified easily for variety.

I know people question how vegans can eat such a variety of desserts. We find healthier, more natural alternatives to cream, egg, and butter in our food preparation. I will match my vegan chocolate frosting to anyone else’s that contains butter.

Whether it is a cake, a cookie with a chocolate chip base, or a pudding, the flavor of chocolate is just adored by so many people. Not having to give it up to eat properly and compassionately is a blessing to anyone thinking of becoming vegan.

Not everyone will want to try to make elaborate homemade desserts. Fortunately, there are commercial products that one can enjoy. As easy as I find it to make these things myself, I admit that holiday times are especially challenging ones for finding time to bake. I do, however, love to find raw approaches to desserts.

Lots of people feel that desserts help to make a party, but they have learned to feel guilt about eating sweets. Just this morning I happened to see a rerun of an old Mary Tyler Moore show in which her close friend had just lost a lot of weight on a diet; the friend asks Mary to taste chocolate for her. I was so amused. It was a droll illustration of how feeling deprived tends to make people obsess about sweets.

Happily, a wholesome vegan diet can allow one tasty treats without imbalanced nutrition so long as one stays active. Those who are naïve about veganism may look to adopting a vegan way of eating as an automatic solution to any weight problem they may have. They will probably be disappointed. Overeating could still be an issue even though what they would be eating would be healthier for those persons and the planet.

I believe lots of people can improve their health and will likely lose some weight if they adopt a vegan life style. It seems to me to be so important to focus on what one can eat rather than thinking about what one has to do without. I enjoy my quest for the healthiest, most natural diet possible. I have no need to concern myself that there are things I avoid consuming. I am not bereft in any way.

Vegan chocolate cake and other such desserts add variety to vegan eating. I find them a good way to keep active socially because they are the kind of vegan food that most people will be tempted to taste. I enjoy going to potlucks and bringing something that non-vegans will want to eat. The proof of every pudding or cookie or cake is, after all, in the eating.

There is absolutely no reason why living the vegan lifestyle should mean that one does not eat delicious foods which happen to also be healthy. I’ve created this Vegan site to show my visitors how to be vegan and love every moment of it with incredible vegan recipes.

Yes, chocolate cake and chocolate cookies can easily fit into the vegan diet but some minor modifications are in order.  Read my recently released Vegan Diet … Amazon eBook and get all the details and much more.  Download it to your Kindle, iPad or personal computer and enjoy reading a very informative vegan book today.

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