The Vegan Diet Amazon Kindle Book by Hanna Getty is an exciting result of the author’s experience of more than forty years of following a vegan diet. Vegan Diet & Animal-Free Lifestyle: A Journey into Veganism is a valuable resource for those learning about plant-based eating and living. Whether one is new to the concept or more sophisticated, Ms. Getty has much wisdom to impart.

The author describes herself as having produced this book as a “labor of love” that resulted from a passion for healthy, delicious food. Her mission also focuses on the protection of animals and the environment. For additional encouragement to those readers who decide to adopt this way of life, Ms. Getty has an auxiliary website,, where ongoing information and recipes can be shared with a growing community of vegans and those interested in learning more about this way of eating.

This fine introduction to veganism traces the background in which the plant-based, cruelty-free way of life developed. She laments that some sources tend to view veganism as merely a more rigid form of vegetarianism. That is a stance with which she disagrees, but she concedes that both approaches seek to minimize harm to animals by eschewing meat.

In a cogent argument, Hanna differentiates well the goals of veganism from the more usual vegetarian way of life. She also explicates the various adaptations and strategies people may adopt in adhering to forms of vegetarian or completely plant-based, vegan living. Her delineation of the philosophy of cruelty-free living and environmental concern is sobering to read.

Although Hanna is respectful to those who disagree, she is emphatic in clarifying the motivations of those who choose a vegan approach to life. Not only will vegans not consume animals or animal products, but many will choose to avoid taking any benefit from what an animal produces. Many vegans will not, therefore, wear leather or even eat honey. The rationale for such decisions may be surprising to some readers, but they will likely be interested in –and, perhaps, admire– the consciousness and conscientiousness of many, if not most, vegans.

Perhaps some people may choose to view veganism as a novel approach, but Hanna explores its antecedents and asserts that human beings are naturally herbivorous. She makes a strong argument that it is not just the young and starry-eyed who adopt the values behind a plant-based diet. The demographics of veganism show that concern for the planet, commitment to the welfare of animals, and a desire to eat and live in a healthy manner should not be ascribed to any one particular part of the population.

This is a wonderful book to help someone get inspired and obtain the information to embark on this healthier way of life. There are many tips about how to be sure your life doesn’t become isolated simply because of the decision to eat differently. Recipes are provided that are appealing, tasty, and tempting. Although weight loss may not be a central motivation, it can happily result from responsible decisions in vegan eating.

This book can assist readers who wish to adopt this life style to do so without feeling deprived. There is a long list of celebrities and other famous people who are vegan, so one need never feel alone for being interested in veganism. Important guidance is provided for avoiding the errors that can be made if one doesn’t plan a truly sensible vegan diet. An important component of this book is education for reading labels and understanding where unwanted chemicals and even animal-based products may be hidden in processed foods.

The Vegan Diet Amazon Kindle Book by Hanna Getty is a source of great experience and wisdom for those who want to know more about plant-based living. The scope of this book is vast, embracing the history, the role of vegetarianism and veganism in world religions, and even strategies for vegans to cope when surrounded by carnivores.

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