A Comprehensive Overview of Veganism
as a Way of Life, as a Cuisine, as a Philosophy!

Vegan Diet & Animal Free Lifestyle - ebookThat which I am about to impart to you on this page is a review of Vegan Diet & Animal Free Lifestyle which is, in fact, a book I had written myself and just recently published as an Amazon Kindle eBook.

True, the following narrative may not be entirely impartial. However, I promise to keep it as real as possible by presenting you with the true and verified facts of what this book is and what it isn’t, where are this book’s strengths and where are its weaknesses, how I as the author succeeded and how I failed. Actually, let us call this a synopsis rather than a book review.

So, here it comes …

The first thing I would like to point out is that the title of this book, Vegan Diet …, might be somewhat deceptive because it alludes to the fact that it is either about some sort of an eating regimen or that it is a cook book. Well, sorry. It is neither. Although I have covered topics that specifically address the foods that are acceptable to vegans and those that are not and although I have provided a small handful of vegan recipes, the Vegan Diet & Animal Free Lifestyle book presents a wide range of pro and con arguments pertaining to the vegan lifestyle as a whole. In this text, as a matter of fact, I provide my readers with factual data related to all aspects of veganism which include food and vegan cuisine eating, of course, but also healthy benefits which had been substantiated by scientific studies, ethical and moral attitudes toward protection of animals, thoughts about ecology and the environment and so much more.

With an earnest attempt to make this an introductory work that speaks in clear, lighthearted language to all those who have not yet been familiarized with the vegan lifestyle and its attitude of harming no animals as well as to those who are just starting out on the vegan pathway, I speak in layman terms and leave out much of the nitty gritty details which can be boring and somewhat difficult to sift through. However, I would hope that this book will also find an audience of experienced vegans who just need to be reminded of what this is all about in order to persevere on their noble route.

This is a work of love and a demonstration of my personal journey but it still required countless hours of investigative work because I wanted to be sure that the facts I present are indeed factual and that my claims are verified and backed up by scientific research performed by reputable third-party entities. Where ethics are concerned, I have brought out historical and theological records which should speak for themselves. Now I invite you to be my judge and jury. Have my efforts resulted in success or have I met with failure?

As you might have already guessed, I am passionate about veganism and my plant-based way of life. I am also truly proud of this Vegan Diet … book through which I have accomplished that which I was aiming for — to paint an honest picture of an animal free existence.

No single book can possibly cover all that needs to be covered in any given subject, especially one as vast as veganism. So, for more information about the vegan lifestyle, please take some time to browse through my Vegan Blogger.com site. And please come back often because I am committed to continually update it with new information as it becomes available.

Vegan books have been very popular over the years, with Oprah reviewing a popular vegan book. Bill Clinton and Ellan have also gone vegan, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of my book!

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