Vegan green pest control probably is a term that implies to most readers a natural, perhaps organic solution to getting rid of bugs and insects. Even non-vegans would likely prefer a safe approach to eliminating the termite, as well as the other insect and bug problems that plague their homes and yards.

Termites are certainly an enormous threat to the stability of one’s home. Getting them out of the house is generally a challenge. These pests tend to be invisible to the homeowner until major problems have happened or an inspection reveals their presence. The most effective approach is to construct buildings so as to make it harder for termites to get a hold of the structures.

Green pest control products for the garden and home would preferably be biological in nature. Without disrupting nature’s balance at all, aphids can be eradicated by allowing their natural predators to feast on them.

Using predator flies to destroy the larvae of biting flies is a terrific boon to those who have animals they love and want to protect from being bitten. Horse flies and other biting flies actually take rather large and painful bites out of people, dogs, horses, and other animals. Even non-vegans want a non-toxic approach to this issue in order to keep their animals safe.

Of course, fewer green pest control products would be necessary if people planted their gardens with more thought to pest resistance. Proper selection of plants often means hardier vegetation that can resist both pests and drought, minimizing the use of water. Drip watering is also a helpful way to use minimal water to maximal effect.

According to vegan and green gardening expert Hamad Juma Hamad, weeding by hand and using mulch to minimize weed growth can help to avoid the use of weed killing toxins. There are, fortunately, some non-toxic sprays that can help.

Hamad also states that finding plants that naturally resist the pests in an area can be the most important decision a home gardener can make. Naturally resistant plants that are healthy and strong can be the solution to eliminating any need for toxic or invasive pest control methods.

It is clear that lawn care can also introduce toxic substances into the water supply. Vegans are usually heavily committed to protecting the environment and avoiding causing injury to any animal. This may influence even the way one mows the lawn. To eat with compassion means to try to have sustainability in one’s garden.

Many vegans take care to utilize push mowers instead of using more convenient ways to cut lawns that have a harsher impact on the ecosystem. In a culture in which most people have some extra weight to lose, it seems strange that so many avoid the physical effort of pushing a lawn mower. A power mower may get them the time to go to the gym, but they could have gotten in plenty of exercise and protected the planet at the same time by pushing a mower.

Vegan green pest control products seems to be less about looking for products and more about thinking ahead. Good planning can decrease the number of pests around the home and in the garden. Within the home, the best way to control rodents is to block their entry points. This is often true with ants as well. What I have learned through hard experience is that these pests are very clever at finding new points of access. I have to inspect regularly to foil their efforts.

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