Vegan shoes are sometimes a surprise to people, even those who may practice veganism. Some people elect to eat a vegan diet more for health than for compassion toward animals or concern about ecology. It is important to recognize that veganism can be about much more than food.

Many a traditional vegan might not consider the selection of one’s shoes as an expression of a vegan commitment, but eco-vegan thinking often leads one to want to avoid any exploitation of animals at all because of the impact on the world as well as the animals. Eco thinking means an effort at noharm, ahimsa in Buddhist thought.

Look online and you will find vegan shoes women, including vegan shoes Natalie Portman. The actress is a dedicated vegan and has a line of shoes that have no animal products used in their contents or manufacturing.

This may seem quite new, but vegan shoes are available in many places and styles. Vegan shoes San Francisco, vegan shoes Chicago, and vegan shoes Boston carry lots of vegan shoes brands. One must not forget that vegan shoes Los Angeles, vegan shoes Portland, and vegan shoes Seattle also exist. It is becoming a fashion to select footwear by people like Natalie Portman and those worn by musician Rozkun.

A favorite shoe of many is the Macbeth Brighton Studio Project Tom Delonge Mens Vegan Shoes in Black/Orange. The Mike Dirnt’s Military Schubert designed shoe is another line of vegan footwear. These can be found in grey and black and they do lace-up. Such fashions are new and exciting.

Not only does Toms make vegan shoes, but the Tom Company donates a pair to a needy child for every pair that the company sells. There are styles for men and women and they are in various colors. Mink is another company that makes vegan shoes. It has an online video that illustrates their cruelty-free manufacture.

I guess it may be surprising to some that the vegan vegetarian may exercise so much care over the clothing and shoes he or she wears. When I first became a vegan, I only thought about my diet. It took some growth and deepening of my conscience for me to begin a quest for animal-free shoes. It was somewhat later that environmental concern added to my determination.

Back then, it was not easy to find appropriate shoes that had no animal products in them or in their manufacturing process. I wore a lot of rubber thongs in warm weather and wondered if I would have to DIY my shoes. As a long-term vegan, I applaud the availability, style, and variety of vegan shoes. This is a happy development for me and for the animals and the ecology of our planet.

Vegan shoes are now readily available in stores and online. They can be enjoyed for being fashionable and stylish. They are a balm to the conscience of the wearer. These shoes are becoming much more attractive. Some are even beautiful enough to wear with very stylized clothing. Faux leather allows one to wear shoes that look quite chic while one feels no guilt. I do hope more people will try them.

Veganism, being vegan or living the vegan lifestyle is ever so much more than just about the diet and the food we eat. It actually encompasses every aspect of our lives such as the clothing and shoes we wear and so much more. Take time to browse through the informative pages on this Vegan site and please come back often because I am committed to continually update it with new information, new resources, etc.

I love my vegan shoes and miscellaneous other animal-free footwear but if you are not so familiar with it, you might consider reading my latest eBook available at that can quite conveniently be downloaded straight into your Kindle, iPad or PC.

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