To be a vegan vegetarian means, of course, adopting a vegan vegetarian diet. Learning how to make vegan vegetarian meals is a process that takes time, commitment, and accessing many resources. I am so pleased for beginning vegans that there are so many vegan vegetarian recipes around now that weren’t available when I began to eat this way more than forty years ago.

Things have become easier for vegans as more health, fitness, and medical experts have been recommending diets compatible with the vegan vegetarian definition: no animal products in the diet. Many a study has supported an inference that vegan vegetarian meals can help people to retain a healthy weight or, if necessary, to lose excess pounds.

To eat such foods has been tied in study after study to improved cardiovascular health and a decreased incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Vegan vegetarians who are already diabetic may find they get better control when they eat vegan. It is not necessarily true, however, that becoming a vegetarian or a vegan will make one thin. Caloric intake will still need to be balanced with energy output.

It may be that those who become vegan vegetarian pescatarian— meaning that they eat fish—may enjoy the health benefits of vegan vegetarian diets. For me, there is an ethical stance in not eating any animal product. Personally, I also cannot justify the decimation of fish species because of human predation. Such consumption is not really sustainable for the environment.

I can only conclude that vegan vegetarian eating is becoming more popular than ever. My evidence is the existence of an anti-vegan group that has a vegan vegetarian meatatarian shirt. Other support for my inference is that one can make an internet search for vegan vegetarian restaurants nyc or just about any city to find vegan friendly food. Certainly the biggest cities are more likely to have a range of vegan recipes available.

Those considering a vegan diet need no longer worry about being isolated. I find it delightful that there are restaurants that prepare vegan vegetarian lasagna recipes. Vegan vegetarian lasagna can be melt in one’s mouth good. When such places don’t exist, I can always find tofu and vegetables in any place that has food based on the traditional vegetarian recipe of China.

Many Mexican restaurants have beans available that have not been cooked in animal fat. I check carefully, sometimes even asking the chef about the ingredients he or she has used. I can then eat very well with a vegetable and black or pinto beans.

The face of veganism is not the weird, nerdy person some might imagine. Many an episode on science shows have helped to establish that the usual American diet is too high in fat and is full of mistakes as to what real nutrition is about. No longer do vegans feel they need to hide vegan recipes in plain manila envelopes to avoid derision. Others now want to know more about how to eat better.

Fears by non-vegans that the diet wouldn’t give them sufficient protein are simply wrong. One can certainly eat seitan or tofu, but nuts and beans and other legumes can meet this need.

Even though we can’t all get freshly grown raw produce right off the farm, we can maximize our nutritional intake. Vegetarians often feel that eating dairy products or eggs does no harm. They don’t understand why vegans refrain from all animal products, but vegans are very committed to being vegan vegetarian. We may even be famous for being hard-nosed about our eating regimens.

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