Vegan veggie burgers are a marvelous way to enjoy burgers along with the rest of the American public. They are tasty and convenient, but they are so much healthier than hamburger for one’s body. They are also better for one’s conscience as a responsible citizen on this planet.

Any search engine will bring one to many a recipe for vegan veggie burgers. Generally one can consider vegan veggie burgers healthy. They have much less fat, chemicals and additives when compared to meat burgers. Following a recipe and making these veggie burgers oneself can ensure that they are worth eating because of flavor, texture, fiber content, and nutrients.

Commercially, there are many vegan veggie burger brands available to choose from. I think it’s very important to look at labels when making a selection. One needs to keep in mind what makes vegan veggie burgers healthy. For me, it’s having real vegetables, beans, and whole grains. I prefer the contents to be as unprocessed as possible.

Vegan veggie burgers quinoa are among the vegan veggies burgers the best because quinoa is so low on the glycemic index, nutty in flavor, and high in protein. Clearly, I like homemade vegan veggie burgers whenever possible. Of course, there are lots of times when one needs a quick meal. Products like Morningstar farms grillers vegan veggie burgers can be a good choice.

Among the recipes I rely on the most are those that use black beans or chickpeas. As much as possible, I like to get the dried bean and actually soak it and cook it. If I use a lentil, the soaking process is very brief and only needed to make the cooking process faster. By controlling the cooking process completely, I’m sure of what’s in my veggie burger. I also like to make veggie burgers with freshly mashed or leftover potato. The burgers that I know are really healthy are those that are homemade. That is true of just about any food.

As much as possible, I love to use mushrooms and other fresh vegetables in my burgers. I believe that the best food is fresh and organic, if available. I know my friends love when I invite them over when I have prepared vegan recipes. They love my chickpea salad so they are very open to eating vegan veggie patties made from chickpeas and veggies.

My friends who want to learn to improve their diets ask me for recipes. They sometimes express surprise that I use little processed soy. I encourage them to eat soy beans in their natural form rather than leaning on the more convenient but processed versions. Faster versions of vegan veggies burgers like those that are soy based can be a better option than a hamburger, but I try not to lean on that much.

Making vegan veggie burgers is something that people can learn to how to do. There is such a variety of recipes to make. I can absolutely encourage anyone to look for vegan recipes to cut their food budget costs, to improve their diet, and to please their palettes.

Just because I am vegan, does not mean that I need to give up the flavor or certain types of foods which include animal products. So, I substitute them with veggie burgers, tofu cheeses, coconut milk and so on. Please use this Vegan site to guide you through the process of being a healthy and happy vegan.

As a vegan, there is absolutely no reason to give up favorite foods such as burgers, just be sure that their ingredients are plant rather than animal-based.  Reading my new Amazon book will provide you with a whole lot more information, so please downloaded it to your Kindle, iPad or PC and enjoy the read.

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