All animals are sentient beings who have
the same rights as you and I, but they need our help!

Won’t you please join the vegan community
in fighting for animal rights?

All Animals Have Rights

Vegans fighting for animal rights would seem to be logically and ethically consistent. It is not new to have celebrities fighting for animal rights. After all, Betty White has done so for half a century. So is there more awareness and concern in many areas for the rights of animals? Are more people fighting for animal rights?

Probably more interest in animal welfare was spurred by the behavior of Mike Vick in having engaged in dog fighting and having executed dogs that he felt didn’t fight well enough. The naked greed of this man who had been the recipient of much love and adulation was stunning. It is likely that more activists were created by all the publicity and notoriety of this egregious abuse of animals.

For a while, public opinion turned against Vick who had formerly been revered as a great athlete. That his victims were dogs made the behavior more upsetting to people who might not care if fish or a bull were being killed. Humans have intense bonds with the dog. For some time, the press seemed to read the situation as public opinion vs. Mike Vick.

Organizations fighting for animal rights got a boost in public and financial support from this tragedy. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are two such groups fighting for animal rights. Despite this bad rap, Vick did, however, have defenders who argued that it was not a big deal.

Some sports fans, in particular, seemed to complain that those who were fighting for animals-forgetting human had lost a sense of balance. Recently, in fact, it seems the public relations efforts for Vick have worked. Vick seems to have become redeemed. Vegans and other animal rights activists were appalled that Nike rehired Vick as a spokesperson.

Researcher David Masci has cogently raised the question whether interest in animal rights has peaked. Fighting over animal rights has certainly not abated. Ongoing disputes about factory farms continue with frequent protest by vegans and vegetarians. The fights to prevent animals from being tortured in laboratories are often countered by those who claim medical necessity for human welfare. Some organizations have engaged in violence during rescue operations to save these animals.

One can only argue that more civil discourse between opposing factions is needed. It is great when animals are rescued from untenable situations, but the lives and rights of human beings must also be considered. It is one thing to put paint on baby seals to destroy the value of the fur and thus stop their being killed. It is another to harm people to save animals.

Regional and cultural differences also pertain in the efforts to protect animals. In Spain and Mexico, many people think nothing of fighting bulls in the ring—a process in which the animals are clearly tormented and killed. The problems are international in scope. Fighting for animal rights in Lebanon is a daunting process as many animals are illegally brought through there.

Vegans fighting for animal rights often have used their eating choices as a way to oppose the abuse of animals. Many vegans are ardent advocates for animal welfare and protection of the environment. In opposing factory farming, vegans do much to try to help animals.

If you are not already inspired to fight for animals rights, perhaps the following video change your attitude:

Now that you’ve read this article and viewed this very compelling video.  Please let us know how you feel about this issue!  Have we presented it adequately and have you been inspired to join vegans in this fight for animal rights?

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