Vegan for animal rights: it certainly is an appropriate phrase for opening a discussion about vegans and animals which are all sentient beings. Although some vegans may start the life style by primarily or solely focusing on the health and weight loss benefits and aspects of eating vegan food — the plant-based diet — many vegans devote themselves to animal rights and animal right issues and that is their primary focus, although they are perfectly aware of the health beneits delivered by eating plants rather than products containing or consisting of animal derivatives.

Vegans for Animal RightsAnimal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and, of course, many others advocate a vegetarian diet but then they laud a vegan diet as being the one that is truly pro animals and therefore the only one that is as close to being perfectly ethical as is humanly possible on this planet earth. Much writing of web content, books, magazines etc. that promotes a vegan way of eating, living and thinking is often referred to as animal rights articles or animal rights text that, needless to say, promotes animal rights and animal welfare.

Admitedly, vegans are not the only people who are animal rights activists, but they certainly are the only ones who live the kind of lifestyle that avoids and prevents all forms of harming any animals in all species. Besides, vegans are the most vocal and most outspoken of all animal activists. The fact of the matter is that vegans live the lifestyle that most closely matches that which they preach and no other group of animal advocates or individuals can honestly claim the same.  That is absolutely true because of the way they eat and by the way they use plant-based and synthetic products rather than those that contain animal derivatives or those that have been tested on animals.

Vegans believe that their food and general life choices help initiate discussions about animal wellness and such choices also help influence others to consider animals when deciding what to eat and what to consume on a daily basis. Thus, animal rights facts are discussed by vegans more often than by any other group of people. In such discussions, it is obvious that vegans particularly oppose the food industry’s maltreatment of animals and they are the ones who are often instrumental in exposing the atrocities committed in factory farms, dairy establishments, hen houses, etc.

The animal rights laws and the animal rights movement demonstrate a growing change in consciousness about the perceived value and sentience of animals, all animals, all sentient beings. It is more than a concern with animal rights laws because it is also a recognizing of animals as having valuable lives who have a wide range of consciousness, feeling and emotions. Animals matter in this world!

The animal rights movement is not just one single movement with one mind and one opinion. Rather, there are varied approaches and agendas as there are some differences of opinion among the various organized movements.  For example, those animal rights activists who rip off fur coats worn by individuals and burn down shops that sell them are not necessarily supported by some others who advocate for animals. Like anything else, animal advocacy has different levels, different extremes, different styles of operation and activism.  However, they all have the same goals — to do what is best for animals.

Animal rights advocates tend to see humans as having a duty to care for and prevent cruelty to animals, just as animal welfare activists do. The main difference is one of degree because the rights advocates are apt to accuse others of speciesism, which can be defined as blindness to the value and rightful place of animals other than human beings.

Other animal advocates might see some beneftis derived from animals in testing that is intended for human health research and they deem it as being acceptable if and when the cruelty is kept in check or minimized.  Peter Singer is a well respected philosopher who argues against such a stance.  He pushes for litigation of laws that would protect all animals from abuse in laboratories. Along with a large group of animal rights people, Singer believes that animal interests should have exactly the same weight as do human interests.

There are many famous animal rights quotes. One is especially dear to many vegans. To paraphrase, President Abraham Lincoln said that he thought little of a person’s religion if it didn’t make life better for that person’s pet animal. Most vegans probably agree. They would likely say the same about the environment. If beliefs about what is sacred do not protect the planet and the animals within it, it is hard for vegans to see such creeds as worthy of following.

Vegans hope to help or guide human consciousness to the animal world so that they will evolve into a higher state of compassion and kindness toward all living sentient beings. There have been many informative videos created by vegetarians, vegans, and other animal lovers from around the globe. These videos are essentially documentary films that are intended to inform and educated people from all walks of life about the horrific plight of sentient beings in animal agriculture and in research testing laboratories.

Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner produced a very popular Animal Rights recording whose title can appropriately function as a declaration of the growing awareness of human mistreatment of the animal world. It is hoped that the popularity of this theme will lead to the creation of a full-length movie that will have the power to converts and attract non-vegans to a lifestyle that promotes protecting animals.

Vegan for animal rights are, at least in part, committed to inspiring other people to what they consider to be a superior way of life a life that advocates for planet earth and all the wonderful animals within it.

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