Can you let go of your ego
long enough show compassion
toward other sentient beings?

PETAVegans for animal rights: what an appropriate phrase to open a discussion about vegans and animals. Although some vegans may start the life style because of a primary focus on the health and weight loss benefits of eating this way, many vegans devote themselves to animal rights and animal right issues.

Animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) advocate a vegetarian diet and laud a vegan one. Lots of writing that promotes a vegan way of eating can also be described as animal rights articles.

Of course vegans are not the only animal rights activists, but they are vocal. They also feel that they “walk the talk” by the way they eat. They see their food choices as helping to open the discussion of the impact on animals of the way people eat and produce food. Animal rights facts are often discussed by vegans. They particularly oppose the food industry’s maltreatment of animals and often take a central role in exposing it.

The animal rights laws and the animal rights movement demonstrate a growing change in consciousness about the perceived value and sentience of animals. It is more than a concern with animal rights laws because it is also a recognizing of animals as valuable and conscious creatures.

The animal rights movement probably isn’t one movement. There are varied approaches and agendas. There are some disputes among the parties involved. Some focus more on the latter in the animal rights vs. animal welfare argument. Those animal rights activists who destroy fur coats are not agreed with by all who advocate for animals.
Animal rights advocates tend to see humans as having a duty to care for and prevent cruelty to animals, just as animal welfare activists do. The main difference is one of degree because the rights advocates are apt to accuse others of speciesism, which can be defined as blindness to the value and rightful place of animals other than human beings.

Other animal advocates might see some use of animals in testing for human health research to be acceptable so long as cruelty and unnecessary discomfort for the animal is averted. Philosopher Peter Singer is one person who argues this position. He posits that laws should just protect animals from abuse. Animal rights people, however, believe that animal interests should have parity with human concerns.

There are many famous animal rights quotes. One is especially dear to many vegans. To paraphrase, President Abraham Lincoln said that he thought little of a person’s religion if it didn’t make life better for that person’s pet animal. Most vegans probably agree. They would likely say the same about the environment. If beliefs about what is sacred don’t protect the planet and animals, it is hard for vegans to see such creeds as worthy of following.
Vegans hope to help human consciousness toward the animal world to evolve. There is a lot of video around by vegetarians, vegans, and others that are in documentary film style to inform others about the plight of animals in agriculture and in research testing.

Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner produced a very popular Animal Rights recording. The title can itself function as a declaration of the growing awareness of human mistreatment of the animal world. It is hoped that the popularity of this theme will lead to a movie the mere trailer of which would win converts to protecting animals.
Vegans for animal rights are, at least in part, committed to inspiring other people to what they consider to be a superior way of life. If their advocacy for the planet, animals, and appropriate diet can reach a universal audience, then things will look up for this world.

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