Vegetarian diet, is it truly ethical is a question that I have heard asked by many people who are contemplating changing the choices they make in order to accommodate a new and improved lifestyle that causes no harm to animals but is still healthy and fulfilling to humans. Conversely, I have heard many vegetarians who embrace vegetarianism and the vegetarian diet thinking that they are being ethical because “cows don’t get killed for milk and chickens don’t get killed for eggs. Besides, I can’t live without my cheese and eggs.”  These same individuals also fool themselves that the vegetarian diet is as ethical as the vegan diet but that is not at all the case.

Vegetarian Diet – Is It Truly EthicalWell, here is a news flash to vegetarians and wannabe vegetarians who still believe that consuming dairy and eggs, are ethical lifestyle choices. It’s true, being vegetarian means that meat is no longer being used and that is very good. However, being vegetarian is a far cry from being truly ethical, compassionate or cruelty-free.

The suffering of innocent sentient beings exploited by the dairy and egg industries is by far more horrific and much more prolonged than by the meat industry and that is what goes on in huge factory farms as well as the small mamma and papa, family farms where their animals are supposedly “free range” or “cage free” or “organically raised.”

So here is the naked truth behind what’s wrong with the dairy and egg industries:

  1. Animals in the dairy and egg industries are held captive against their wills and are more often than not, confined to cramped quarters that are stuffy, airless and filthy.
  2. Animals in the dairy and egg industries are painfully and brutally de-beaked, de-clawed or de-horned, to prevent injuring one another out of frustration and anguish.
  3. Animals in the dairy and egg industries are repeatedly and viciously raped to ensure that they are perpetually pregnant, which forces their bodies to continually produce.
  4. Animals in the dairy and egg industries are pumped with hormones and antibiotics that force their bodies to produce more than is natural.
  5. Animals in the dairy and egg industries are exploited for their excretions (milk and eggs) which farmers sell as commodities for huge profits.
  6. Animals in the dairy and egg industries are separated from their young ones immediately after birth because farmers do not want to share their commodities with those who actually deserve them.
  7. Animals in the dairy and egg industries who happen to be born of the male gender are of no use to these farmers. They are, therefore, shipped off to the veal industry, are ground up live as byproducts in pet food or merely thrown into dumpsters to suffocate and die slow deaths.
  8. Animals in the dairy and egg industries who no longer produce enough to satisfy greedy farmers because their bodies can no longer take the abuse, are then transported to the meat industries for slaughter.

So, vegetarians and wannabe vegetarians you will have to agree that the vegetarian lifestyle is cannot possibly be considered as ethical.
Please choose compassion over cruelty.
Please go vegan!

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