Vegetarian vegan recipes can be located in many websites, in any vegetarian vegan recipes cookbook. Vegetarian vegan recipes can also be found as vegan or vegetarian recipes, in which case some modifications may be required. It is pretty simple to adapt most vegetarian recipes to make them vegan recipes. It is also very helpful to see a video of ways to prepare great vegan vegetarian vegetable dishes and such videos can be easily found at

Vegetarian Vegan RecipesVegetarian vegan recipes for kids are really important to have. There is no way to educate children to enjoy healthy food unless it tastes delicious. Happily, there are also kid-friendly and delicious vegetarian vegan recipes easy to be found in many formats such as online as well as in countless hard or soft cover cookbooks at brick and mortar stores and, of course, eBooks too. For parents, it would seem that the easier the recipes, the better. Often, raw is the very best way to serve vegan food because it consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. I find that vegetarian vegan recipe pictures or photos truly enhance the value of cookbooks as well as recipes found on the web. Photographs evoke vision effects and help to turn vegetarian vegan recipes into yummy images of mouthwatering goodness.

Ethnic cuisine consists of much vegetarian vegan recipes food that including curry, chutney, and every kind of rice and bean dishes. Among Indian style cooking, there are myriad aloo and other dishes made with potatoes to enjoy. Aloo gobi is a marvelous blend of potato and cauliflower that is not to be missed and I’m salivating even as I think about them.

I guess my readers can tell how fond I am of Indian cooking. One of my favorites is paratha, which is a wonderful flat bread. As far as I’m concerned, no lentil dish that is made in an Indian or Pakistani fashion could ever be boring. Although some regions of India and Pakistan make much use of clarified butter, called ghee, I have found that it quite easy to make such recipes without the butter. Without the dairy products (butter), these Indian dishes are still delicious as vegan and they are a whole lot more nutritious with the lowered animal fat content.

Rice is, of course, a staple for much of Asia. Indian cooking makes great use of a wide variety of rice. I, however, adapt recipes for whole grain brown rice which has a great and nutty flavor as well as more nutrients.

Manjula Jain has a website that offers fine veggie and vegan recipes along with cooking videos. These dishes are gourmet and healthy. Many recipes from the region have the name masala in the title. This refers to a combination of spices that add flavors and aromas that are totally enticing.

I like to remind my friends about the rich heritage of vegan food that comes from the Middle East. One can think of hummus, falafel, and baba ghanouj, but there are also terrific recipes for mujadara. That is a lentil dish with caramelized onions that I have loved in Israeli restaurants and in the home of a dear Lebanese friend of mine. He taught me to make it, and I do so quite often.

There are even vegetarian vegan recipes stemming from Australia to check out a various online sites. It can be informative to do online searches that include looking at a vegetarian vegan recipe blogs. Don’t forget to seek out unusual food for breakfast. I think morning is a lovely time for a vegetable filled burrito with the sweetness of carrots and the bite of chili peppers.

Vegetarian vegan recipes must include the veggie burger for Americans and their children. Vegan vegetarian burgers are available in many restaurants these days, making it possible to persuade children that being vegan doesn’t mean having to be too different. Vegan veggie burgers are also found in just about any well stocked grocery store.

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