Why vegan food? I try not to get sick of the question. I hear it so often that it is hard not to roll my eyes or let out a big sigh. I remind myself that I don’t have to take it as a challenge to defend my personal choices. Rather I can see it as an opportunity to share potentially helpful information.

I then start to explain that eating vegan has many health benefits, but there are also other reasons that many vegans consider to be very important. These include caring for the way animals are treated and concern for the ecological impact of the meat production industry. I became a vegan for all of those reasons.

I wanted better health and to live out a more conscious concern for animals and the planet. The answer to the why vegan question for me has always been for healing and health for the whole world. Why vegan diet for many of us who are vegan has to do with a variety of things, but I think I have listed the top three.

Giving up burgers wasn’t even necessary. Long before there were commercial veggie burgers, I happily made my own recipes. Vegan cooking is healthy, generally quite low in fat and devoid of the worst fats. Being vegan meant more changes in my life than one might assume, leading to other questions.

I’m often asked why vegans don’t eat eggs. The vegan choice is to eschew all animal products, to avoid consuming animals even if we have no sense that the creature has suffered. There may be egg production that is considered to be cage free and without any suffering for the hens, but I choose to avoid eggs. I also feel that eggs are not as good for me as is a plant based diet.

The next most frequently asked question has to do with why vegans don’t eat honey. I don’t even like to think about what I’ve read of the casualties to the bees by having their honey harvested. I believe they are maltreated and that they are animals. Insects deserve to live an unmolested life when they do not harm people. There are people who consider themselves vegan and yet consume honey, but most of us do not.

I am excellent at baking without honey or eggs. Being vegan doesn’t mean no desserts or having to give up trying a new recipe that is exciting. Although there are many healthy reasons to eat lots of raw vegetable, vegans aren’t limited to a life without pleasure in eating. I find that people like to watch me cook and eat. Sometimes I feel as if I were in a video.

I don’t engage in campaigns to transform carnivores into vegans, but it pleases me to see how people’s perceptions of veganism can evolve when they taste a really well prepared lentil salad or soup. A good plate of Hopping John lentils and rice can be part of a healing and educational experience for my friends.

Why vegan food matters is a complex concept. It involves health, ecology, and morality toward animals. I believe that most people would be willing to try eating this way if they received clear information.

Why vegan food has been asked countless times by many but no provide the straight forward answers as does Hanna Getty in here VeganBlogger.com website and in her Amazon.com eBooks which can be easily downloaded right into your Kindle, iPad or PC.

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