Why vegan products is something I’m often asked. People wonder why I go to the trouble of seeking out foods that I’m sure are free of all animal sources. Usually, I’m glad to explain my rationale.

Why vegan products matter to me has to do with several things. I know that plant-based foods without any animal derived content are just great helps in creating a healthier diet for me. They have less fat and usually just about no cholesterol. These products have so much fiber that they can reduce the risk of some diseases.

Vegan products help me to feel confident that I’m doing all I can to be healthy. It is a diet that is becoming more popular. Using a vegan product list, I can come up with a replacement for virtually any animal-based product. Not only will it be better for me, but it will taste great.

My mother always wondered why I wanted to avoid eating anything derived from animals. She had a hard time understanding what she thought of as a sentimental attachment to animals, but even she understood that our highly processed, high fat meals were not good for us.

I’m sure my mother grew up eating a diet that was more organic before all the commercial agribusiness and all the chemical fertilizers. When I would explain it that way, she did understand more. I would remind her that she wisely reared me on a diet that included lots of raw produce. Just about every meal was loaded with wholesome things even though she succumbed to advertising and the inveigling of her kids to feed us some junk.

When someone asks me how to become a vegan and not feel deprived, I suggest that person come shopping with me. I have so many helpful hints to share. Of course, these days it is not difficult to find vegan products in stores, including Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Trader Joe’s.

The bigger question than how to become vegan is why one would choose to do so. I have so many reasons for being a vegan. I love animals and don’t want them to be exploited for food. I care about the environment and really am convinced that a vegan diet is better for the planet. I am persuaded that a vegan way of eating is better for my health. The cost of food is less when one eschews meat.

I can’t come up with any reasons for not eating a vegan diet. I suppose I could reason that a more usual diet would have greater convenience. I could feel that I might fit in a bit better by conforming to the eating style of the majority culture that doesn’t seem to care much about the health of either people or the environment. I would rather be an individual, a healthy one.

Why vegan products are so important to me is that I have been a vegan for over forty years. There were far fewer products available then that met the veganism standard. I’m so pleased that there are so many more options now for those of us who want to eat a vegan diet. I am so happy to say that it has become much easier to be a vegan. It used to be much harder than it is now.

In this Vegan Blogger.com site I have attempted to address the multitude of concerns and to answer the countless questions about veganism and the vegan lifestyle. Please take your time to browse through all my posts and learn what is the vegetarian vegan life all about and much more.

If you are vegan, chances are that you’ve been asked many times, “What’s so healthy about vegan food.”  Of course you’ve got the answers but they are not always easy to verbalize.  So, I urge you to reach for my most recent vegan ebook at Amazon.  You can now grab it at a greatly reduced price and read it conveniently on your Kindle or your iPad or even your computer.

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